Thursday, August 09, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Week Two

How is it Thursday again already?  In my head, I keep thinking it's Monday or something.  The weeks are just flying past me these days, and every time I think I may be catching up to them I look up only to find yet another has gone by.  What's that about?

Still, there is plenty for which to be thankful.  For starters - my iPhone, without which I would be drawing more of a blank right now on what to write about!  I love being able to scroll through the photos I took this week to give me ideas.

* I am thankful that even though this was the state of our fridge last Friday, it wasn't because we couldn't afford to fill it, but rather, that we've been so busy adjusting to this current season of  our lives we just haven't had a chance to fill it.

* I am also thankful that we are cool enough to have five different kinds of cheese (Amish swiss, gorgonzola, Parmigiano Reggiano, and two types of sharp cheddar) even though we had pretty much nothing else in there.  Kick butt.

* I am thankful that all my gray hairs are pretty much growing in one spot.  So organized!  HA!

*I'm also thankful that I'm okay with gray hair. I don't have to spend a small fortune getting it colored every six weeks.  I don't freak out every time I find a new gray hair.  I like the way the white hairs contrast against my dark brown hair.  I think it's kind of pretty.

* I am thankful for avocadoes, steak, and grilled zucchini.

*I am thankful that we were able to rejoin Costco again this week.  I love Costco, and the new self scan things are so cool!  Fastest Costco checkout EVER and so easy to use, a three year old can handle it.  I seriously do not understand why everyone wasn't using one.  There were people actually standing in line to check out while we just breezed by into special lines with no waiting.  The whole thing took less than two minutes, I swear.  So awesome.

*I am thankful for brownies.

* I am thankful that I have the ability to multitask LIKE A BOSS.  Here I am rocking the baby, eating an ice cream cone, watching television, and checking Facebook simultaneously.  My husband took this picture because he was so amused by how much I was doing while still sitting on my butt.

*I am thankful for my cool ass kids.

*I am thankful that the pediatrician gave me a sample canister of formula so I wouldn't have to go buy one.  That stuff ain't cheap, yo.  I have to mix it in to Kelly's bottles of pumped breast milk for the next week to make it more caloric because she's not eating enough.  That's right - there are concerns about my ELEVEN AND A HALF POUND six week old not weighing enough!  Say what?  I mean, look at this kid!

Apparently only being one pound over your birth weight after six weeks is a problem regardless of your birth weight.  BOO.  She's gaining weight, and is in the 90th - 95th percentile for weight actually, but she's just not gaining as much as they'd like.

*I am thankful that my husband is willing to go with me to the ribbon store to cheer me up.  Oh, and Hobby Lobby too.  :)

* I am thankful that we HAVE a kick butt ribbon store here locally, and that they have the good, soft elastic for making headbands.  I really really really hate shopping online.

*I am thankful that I have a craft room.  I don't use it much these days, but I know I am lucky to have it, especially in a house this small.

*I am thankful for PBS kids online.  If I need the boy to be entertained while I do something else, this site will come through for me and I don't have to worry about ads and crap like Goth Dora or Curious George Gets High like on YouTube.  He plays age appropriate games, watches preschooler-friendly videos, and actually learns stuff, all for free!  Since he gets on there so rarely, it's a real treat for him and practically guarantees he'll be busy for a while.

*I am thankful for my playgroup.  Although I don't get to many play dates anymore due to everyone else having normal toddler schedules and my kid sleeping until 11:00 am most days, I still value having them available on Facebook and getting to connect during birthday parties.  I got quite a few baby things from some people in the group before Kelly was born, including this onesie.  I remember loving it on my friend's daughter when Bubba was a baby, and now here my new baby is wearing it three years later.  Pretty dang cool.

I am linking this post to Domestic Fashionista's Thankfulness Thursdays.

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Blogger Kat said...

are you going for the Stacy (from What Not To Wear) look?

8:34 AM  

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