Monday, August 13, 2012

Twelve of 12 - August 2012

Another twelfth has come and gone!  I did something a little different this time - I kept a document open using the Notes app on my phone and made note of the times I took my pictures, along with my thoughts on them at the time.

7:30 - Out of bed, pump and drink water. Chat with husband while he attempts to feed baby who does not really want her bottle. She's not done sleeping! Neither was I; went back to sleep at about 8:30. When you go to bed at about two in the morning, a 7:30 is a little bit early to start the day!

Noon - Woke up. The living room looks like a hurricane hit it. What happened??? My husband was feeding baby. I pumped and drank water.

1:00 - Time for breakfast! Ham and eggs on a sandwich thin and another glass of water. This is one of those reusable Cosco cups they sell at Joann.  I think they hold either 20 or 24 ounces of water.

2:00 - Tummy time for Kelly, another glass of water for me.

3:30 - Pumping, the new Ikea catalog (finally!!!), and more water.  It's funny - last month there were a couple of weeks where I was sure everyone in America had gotten an Ikea catalog but me.  Turns out, my husband just went a really long time without checking the mail.  I'm sure our mailman hates us.

5:00 - This is what happens when the husband makes me watch the Olympics all afternoon. Well played, McDonald's. I am having another water in addition to the sweet tea with this though, so at least that is healthy!

6:30 - Making hair bows! While I love all the bows I made during my last hair bow making session, most of my "BFBs" (big effing bows) were a little too big for my wee babe's head.  I reworked the measurements and made some smaller ones that are more to scale for her head.  They're still big - just not as big.  I'm still working on my drinks from last photo at this point.

8:30 - The Olympic closing ceremony, pumping, and more water. The first photo with the closing ceremony graphic took almost an hour to catch, when my husband finally decided to inform me that the TV did have a freeze screen function.  Duh.

8:15 - Favorite hairbow today. Oh, and another glass of water.

9:30 - True story: Bubba was running in the house (definitely against the rules, btw) and totally faceplanted against the arm of the couch hard enough to knock him backwards onto his behind. When my husband asked him what the heck he was doing, the boy informed his father that "the couch got in my way."  He was incredibly pleased when I wanted to photograph his "ouch."  (We don't have owies or booboos in our house.)

10:00 - Dinner! Tonight was leftover night.  I had chicken and leek stroganoff. Exciting! Actually, I know it doesn't look like much but it's incredibly good.  The recipe is out of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution cookbook.  I had more water too.

10:45 - Cleaning up my mess a bit. This is my box o' floss. You guessed it - I'm also having another glass of water!

I was wondering how many glasses of water I had in a day, so I figured this would be a good way to keep track.  I counted ten of those large glasses of ice water, and one 32 ounce iced tea.  I guess no one can accuse me of not being hydrated!  Good thing too, since the high tomorrow is supposed to be 115 degrees, a whole two degrees cooler than today.  Woo flipping hoo.

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Blogger Kat said...

please post instructions on hair bow making. I need them for this weekend. Seriously - I'm begging

6:20 AM  

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