Thursday, August 02, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Week One

When I saw that Ashley at Domestic Fashionista was starting a new link party devoted to gratitude, I immediately thought it would be a good idea to participate.  I've long been a believer that the more you express gratitude, the happier you'll be.  Why should being thankful be confined to the month of November, anyway?  So, I'll be joining her (or trying to - I don't seem to be sticking to much lately!) from now until Thanksgiving with:

In no particular order...

*I'm thankful for a house with a big, safe back yard where I can send the boy out to play and not have to worry about him.

*I am thankful for a landlord who provided us with a lawnmower so we wouldn't have to go out and buy one.  Those things aren't cheap!

*I'm thankful that I am not only able to make enough milk to feed my own child, but that I'm making enough to feed another baby as well.  That's right - I started donating milk again this week!  I did the math last night and I'm averaging 60 ounces a day.  The baby needs about 28 a day, so the rest is split between storage for later and donation.

*I am thankful for health insurance.  Sure, we still have a few thousand dollars (UGH) in medical bills, but it could be much worse.

* I am thankful that we got totally lucky with an awesome pediatrician.  Seriously y'all - I just picked one that was on our insurance list close to our house when Bubba was born.  I did a Google search to be sure people didn't hate her that took all of ten minutes and that was it.  I had no reservations about taking my second child to her as well as my first.

*I am thankful that this girl can be carried in the sling now!  We took her out in it last weekend twice and she slept both times, as well as the two times I carried her around the house in it.

* I am thankful that the pregnancy weight has come off.  Now, to lose the belly and some of the pre-existing weight!

*I am thankful that I know how to make pretty things, so I can dress up the baby without breaking the bank.  It's ridiculous what they charge for some of this stuff.  Seriously - I saw a hair clip that was just a small, cheap flower hot glued to a barrette that was $5.95.  HUH?  Those barrettes are like twelve cents each!

*I am thankful for hand lotion.  This goober got his middle finger (seriously?) stuck in a wooden train track but good the other day.  Loads of hand lotion and some patience, and he was set free.  Let's hope he doesn't do it again!

*I am thankful that the boy isn't really cross eyed.  I don't know why it looks like it in this photo.

* I'm thankful for my family.  I am thankful that my husband isn't one of those loser dads who refuses to change diapers (WHA???) or acts all incompetent like he can't be left with the baby for longer than ten minutes.

*I'm thankful for telecommuting days!  WOO HOO!  I get to sleep in on those days, and everyone knows a well rested new mom is a HAPPY new mom.

*I'm thankful for my funny little boy.  He is silly, he is smart, and he is so, so sweet.

*I am so very thankful for this little girl.  I prayed for this child for so long, and I am so very thankful that the Lord granted her to us.  My friend Lindsay sent me a link to this song earlier today.  WOO BOY HOWDY I was not ready for that!  Let me preface this by telling you that I am not a super emotional girl - I'm not into "romance" and I definitely DON'T cry at movies or over commercials.  That's just not me.

HOWEVER - this got me.  Oh how this got me!  Especially the last verse:

All we are, you are 
And who we'll be, you'll be 
Love and hurt, doubt and trust 
Welcome to being one of us

Dang, y'all.  I was NOT prepared how emotional I'd be over this little girl!  I mean, I've loved my boy with all my heart, but there's something about a baby girl that has been different somehow.  I can't even begin to explain it.  SO...

*I'm thankful that I'm experiencing new things, even after all this time, and that I'm still not done learning.

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Blogger Michelle said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I just found your blog (love it!) are 100% right about the love you have for that baby girl. I had 3 boys first. I love them with ALL MY HEART but when I had my baby girl it was SO DIFFERENT. The love was indescribable. It still is 11 years later. I have such a close relationship with my boys. They are truly my greatest joys but to this day my little girl and I have something in our relationship that is so indescribable. The love is just different. I am so glad you said it. I sometimes feel guilty. I shouldn't because it's not that i love her's just different.

6:46 AM  

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