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Twelve of 12 - July 2012

I haven't posted 12 of Twelve photos on ye olde blog for a few months.  I guess it's because I'd been doing a decent job of scrapbooking them and the last few months... well, not so good.  Since I'm not anywhere near getting caught up on my Project Life, let alone my 12 of Twelve pages, I figured I'd just post the photos.  I have been taking the photos at least!

Here's my day.

1.  It's like we don't have any beds in this house!  I got up this morning to go pump and this was the sight that greeted me.  Greeted me... that sounds wrong.  I swear I've lost brain cells since getting pregnant.

2.  Bubba helped keep his little sister entertained while I washed bottles and pump parts.

3.  Chillin' on the couch with my girl.

4.  And so, the freezer filling has begun.  I have four gallon-sized Ziploc bags in there, each containing ten smaller Lansinoh milk storage bags that each hold between six and seven ounces of breast milk.  I'm guessing that's almost 300 ounces so far?  Add to that the fact that baby girl is taking four ounces on average per meal (seven or eight meals a day), and I've also snuck some to Bubba in his chocolate milk here and there... well, THAT is why I'm losing weight so well.  The sick part is that if I pump and only get 7 or 8 ounces, I get a little panicky that I didn't make enough because with Bubba I was getting between ten and fifteen ounces a session.  That's every three hours. 

I have issues.

Also - is "snuck" a word?  Spell check is saying no, but "sneaked" sounds wrong.  I miss those brain cells...

5.  I didn't expect to have to be sorting through clothes that don't fit so soon!  This is a three month onesie.  I've got a nice little pile of stuff that already doesn't fit.  Bubba didn't fit into three month stuff until he was three months old.


6.  Bubba surveys the carnage.

He had them all lined up neatly at one point.  I noticed and made a note to take a photo, but when I came back to do so, they looked like this.  The boy works swiftly when he is so inclined.

7.  What I listened to all day.  Seriously, if you haven't heard this guy, do yourself a favor and look him up on YouTube.  It's just so good.  My husband came home one day and told me I had to listen to him because he thought I'd like it.  He was right.  That album was $9 well spent.

8.  I had Italian ice when I was in the hospital, and I had forgotten how good it was!  I picked up a box when I was at Target the other night.  Bubba and I had some today for a snack.

9.  And then we had these after lunch for another snack.  I'm terrible.  I like to pick out all the chocolate ones first, because they're my favorite.  Unfortunately Bubba has noticed that I do this and now he tries to scam all my  chocolate bunnies before I can get to them.  Booger.

10.  The "in and out" log. Someone wasn't very hungry today, and someone else did a poor job of recording diapers before I got out of bed.

11.  It's monsoon season!  That means that every day there's a "slight chance" of rain in the forecast, and the mantra "it's a dry heat" no longer applies.  At about five or six in the evening, the wind will start to pick up, the sky will get dark, and you can smell the moisture in the air.  Now - will it rain?  It's anyone's guess, really.  Sometimes it will in one part of town, but not another.  Sometimes the rain won't come until after dark.  Sometimes we'll just get a big dust storm.  You never really know.

12.  Dinner!  We had Cilantro Lime Chicken that I prepped a few weeks ago and froze along with fresh green beans and steamed rice that my husband prepared.  Please note the binky and sippy cup that also snuck (???) their way into this photo.

This is my life right now.  :)

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Blogger Kat said...

haha sometimes I totally miss my stash.

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