Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Decor

Call me a slacker, but it occurred to me that I never actually posted photos of my Thanksgiving decor. Honestly, there wasn't a whole lot to post. I took my Halloween stuff, got rid of the skulls and that sort of thing, and added a couple of more generic Fall items to what I had.

I got rid of the black leatherbound copies of Frankenstein and Edgar Allen Poe's collected works and replaced them with some brown and green volumes. The pumpkin next to them was turned around so that you could read where it says "Give Thanks." A couple of other things were moved around, but for the most part, it's still the original layout as in the Halloween post.

I changed out the vintage Milky Way ad that was in the frame on top of the hutch for a quote I found on Pinterest. I changed out the vintage postcard in the small frame from a Halloween one to a Thanksgiving one. I found a pair of ceramic turkey salt and pepper shakers at the Walmarts on clearance for $2.50, so I put those on there too.

I stuck a rubber stamp that said Thanks under the mini cloche, along with a glittered bottle brush tree. I know, it's not Thanksgiving, but it's SO PRETTY! I <3 glitter.

I put a little vignette consisting of some gold rimmed milk glass dishes, a tin star, some branches in an old vase, a faux pumpkin from Hobby Lobby, and some autumn decor in one of the cheese dome cloches on the end of the counter. My current scripture as decor reads "Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth."

I didn't really do anything on top of the piano. I stuck this little printable that I found on Pinterest in a frame I got at the DI for a quarter. Man I love the DI! They still have thrift store prices. (Yes, I am still grouchy at Goodwill and their insane pricing of late)

On the table in the front entry I did a simple display of pumpkins and faux fruit in various footed milk glass bowls. The one in the smallest bowl, in the center, is real. The rest were Goodwill finds. The little book was found at a flea market, and the teeny elephant came from Hobby Lobby.

The Fall wreath is still on the front door, and on the dining table is the quilted mini runner that I made last year. I put a small milk glass vase on there with a couple of little picks I grabbed at Hobby Lobby on sale and a few mini pumpkins. The pumpkin that was in the bowl on the shelf behind the couch is still there too, just minus the black crow. I need to start taking all this stuff down so that I can put out my Christmas stuff but it just feels like SO MUCH WORK!



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