Sunday, October 02, 2011

Fun Saturday!

I had an AWESOME Saturday! First off, the local antique mall had a flea market in their parking lot. I went thought it was once a year, but a look back at my blog posts says I went at the end of January, so I guess not! I scored all sorts of fun stuff then, so no way was I missing it this time! Believe it or not, I hauled my butt out of bed at 7:30. If you know me, you know this is extremely early in my house. We grabbed the boy and headed out for some family shopping.

I was so glad that the guy with the dollar tables of milk glass was there again this time. He only had a fraction of the stuff he did last year, but I still got some nice pieces from him. After we were done with the tour of the parking lot we decided to go look inside since we were already there. I picked up a couple more items in there. Here's my haul:

I spent about $35 on all this! Kick butt.

I found one of the mini bubble bowls outside for a dollar, and then the other ones inside for $3 each. I now have nine in my collection. The set of four mugs were a dollar each. I got them from the guy with the dollar tables. He has a lot of stuff, but generally it's all SUPER filthy. I'm talking in boxes that look like they flooded and were allowed to just dry with all the dirt and leaves and goodness knows what else. Thank goodness glass can be cleaned and sanitized, unlike porcelain! I also got the footed bowl from him for $4. I noticed it on the table behind him as I was paying for my mugs. That's an incredible price for a piece that big.

The metal thing in the back is a holder/warmer for the split oval Pyrex casserole dishes. You put a tealight in each of the holders, then set the dish on top so your food is kept warm on the table. It's in perfect condition, and it was only six dollars. The little flower frog was $3. I've never seen one in this particular antique mall, and I've never seen one so cheap! It's a bit rusty, so I plan to give it a good scrub with a dry brush and then a coat of spray paint. The bubble bowl was found in the salvage yard area, covered in dirt, on a bottom shelf. Six bucks? Don't mind if I do! I now I have seven. Gotta love odd numbers.

The old Macmillan Pocket Edition of The Idylls of the King was $2 from a vendor in the parking lot. I like it's small size. ONE DAY I will have a large cloche, and this will be perfect to put under it as part of a vignette. ONE DAY!

After we left the antique mall, we headed home so I could drop off the boy and my husband. I grabbed a few things and headed over to my friend Sam's house where she was hosting a craft day. She fed us delicious food (and it was vegetarian/healthy and still yummy, whoa), this awesome crispy bark that she made, and cucumber water. We sat and chatted and worked on our crafts. I forgot my camera, but Sam let me use her Canon (jealous... need a grown up camera!!!) to take photos of what I made. I'll post about it when I get them from her!

After I left there I headed out to Hobby Lobby. Sam was altering this cute little papier mache house and I wanted to make one too so bad but they didn't have any more. I did get lucky though and found that they were getting rid of all their QuicKutz stuff. I got the last cutting mat they had for my Epic. You need two to use it with Sizzix dies, but the $16 price tag made me put off buying the second one. Finding it on clearance for $6 made my day! I also got a cute Love Birds die for $1.75, and a two pack of adhesive for my ATG for $5.99!!! That's so awesome, because usually I pay $7.99 for ONE roll. Yikes, right?

I also picked up a little tube of E600, a papier mache heart and a couple of papier mache stars so I could lift some projects from Paper Princess Studio and Sweet Something Designs, and was excited to see they carried DiscHangers so I won't have to order them online after all for the plates I want to hang. I hate shopping online. I don't get the concept of having to pay MORE (shipping stinks!) in order to have to wait for my stuff to get to me.

I came home and my husband made me dinner (leftovers, whOO!!!), we watched a little tv, and then I started work on another Halloween project. I'll show you that when it's done too. I'm just so glad it's October. The temperature is supposed to drop TWENTY DEGREES next week. Hallelujah!

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