Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boston Cookies

This is my vintage Fannie Farmer cookbook.

Copyright 1965!

I paid $1.50 for this at, you guessed it, Goodwill. It's in pretty dang good condition too for being almost as old as my mom! I'm totally loving finding and collecting these old cookbooks. This one was an extra special find, not only because it is in such good condition, but because there was a slip of blue paper with a recipe written in the sweetest old lady handwriting tucked in the pages. I often wonder about the women who owned these things before me.

You can still buy copies of this on Amazon. They're still publishing it! Talk about a classic.

Today I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies but a quick look through the pantry revealed that I was out of brown sugar. Dang. I still wanted to make cookies, so I pulled Fannie Farmer off the shelf and had a quick browse. After going through the cookie section, I decided to make the Boston Cookies.

I was a bit skeptical when I read that this recipe made 36 cookies but only called for a cup of flour and half a stick of butter. I used my smallest disher though and ended up with fifty! They're cute and small, about an inch and a half in diameter. It just goes to show you how much portion sizes have changed in the past 45 years.

I used dried cherries instead of the raisins for which it called, because raisins are gross. I also baked them on Silpats instead of buttered cookie sheets as the book directed. These are actually really good! I've never heard of Boston Cookies before, but I'll definitely make these again.



Blogger ~M~ said...

What a great find!!

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