Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Fantasy Redecorating

Do you ever click on the ads that you see in the sidebars of different websites? I don't usually click on them, but recently I've been seeing one for this modern furniture site popping up on a LOT of places I visit online. Something that people don't always realize about me is that even though it's super obvious that I love vintage stuff, I'm also drawn to the clean lines of modern furniture. I like to mix the two styles together to get my own unique look.

Anyway, lured to the site I started to fantasize about what I would get from there, you know, if money were no object. First up - this sofa.
Oh man, is that perfect! I hate the couch we have now. I paid $300 for it almost a decade ago and we have definitely gotten our money's worth from it. It's not even a real sofa; our apartment at the time was so small that all we could fit was a loveseat!

This sofa, made by a company called Gus Modern, is perfect. Clean lines, neutral, and big enough for all three of us to sit or even, dare I say it, lay down??? How cute would this look with some funky bright throw pillows?
Then I would get this bench to use as a coffee table, only I think I'd get it in black. I love the idea of an upholstered bench instead of something glass or wood because then it can double as extra seating in a pinch. Put a little tray on it, a couple of old books, maybe some knick knack from the Goodwill... again, perfection.

Then I started to look at outdoor furniture. I love love love the bright blue on this set. I'd probably pick a different table though.

And the rugs! This one is marked for indoor/outdoor use. I love the bright green and the graphic pattern.Then I moved on to kitchen stuff. THIS is my dream faucet. It's super tall so that I can fill my big pots (like the All Clad Multipot) with ease. It has the cool coiled neck for that funky semi-industrial look. It has a sprayer so you can easily rinse out every corner of your sink. A simple, smooth handle means no cracks and crevices in which grime can accumulate. LOVE.

Okay, this was the thing that was appearing in all of those ads that grabbed my attention. How awesome is this retro clock??? The only way it could be better would be if it were aqua, I think. I love the look of the built in timer and how you can't really tell if it's old or new.

They even have stuff for kids! My pick would be this Plasma Car. Have you seen these? They go using kid power. No pedals to worry about them reaching, just a handle to turn. They're pretty cool.

I'm sure that if I kept looking I'd find even more stuff to fantasize about putting in my home, but I have some cookies to bake!

***This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of All Modern. All opinions are 100% mine.***


Blogger Kat said...

I fantasy redecorate every time a new Crate and Barrel catalog comes.

6:55 AM  
Blogger emily said...

I love, love, love that rug!

10:17 AM  

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