Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend (PLUS!) Update

Today, you get lovely iPhone photos because SOME blogger can't be bothered to carry her camera lately. For shame, right?


My husband telecommuted. He actually telecommutes a couple times a week. Some weeks he can't, but it's always nice to have him around. Here, both of my guys are hard at work at their own respective tasks.

Wednesday night I attended a Passover Seder at Church. That's right, a seder at a Catholic church! Since a lot of our religious history is based on the Jewish faith (Jesus was a Jew, y'all) it was a way for those of us in the RCIA program to learn a bit of the traditions and customs so that we would be able to relate it to what we practice today. We didn't have a full dinner, but we did learn about the symbolism of the foods and got to taste them. It was my first time to have horseradish!

I attended with my friend Susan, who will also be my sponsor when I'm confirmed next month. It was a great learning experience, and a lot of fun besides. We were selected to sit at the head table. It was explained to us the symbolism of who sat where, and also where scholars believed that each person sat at the Last Supper. Turns out, I got to be Jesus. :)


This past week the boy has been in a really grouchy mood. There doesn't seem to be any reason for it - he has all his front teeth and premolars. The two year molars won't be here for a while. He's not sick. He's well fed. He just wakes up screaming, rolls out of bed screaming, walks around screaming, and stands at the front door screaming. It's really quite irritating!

I just don't get it. What I do know is that the surefire way to get him to stop screaming at me is to take him outside. Luckily there is a park right door to our apartment complex and we can walk there in just a few minutes. I can see the gate from my window - it's just across the courtyard.

My boy is outstanding in his field! HA!

I went for a run again and managed to make it all the way through day one of Couch to 5k! There was one segment in the middle where I was supposed to run, and I walked instead, but other than that, I made it! I wasn't hurting QUITE as bad as I was on Tuesday, but I was still feeling pretty rough.

We stopped at the playground afterward on the way home and actually met another stay at home mom from our neighborhood and her son there that day. (of course I meet new people when I resemble a poop sandwich!) Her son is four days older than Bubba, a little bit smaller, but a few pounds heavier. How lucky is that? It was so cute watching them play together on the equipment, and we were able to chat. We exchanged phone numbers so that we could get together again for more play dates.

Thanks to her, I also discovered that my son is way into buckets. Her son had a plastic pail that he wasn't playing with. Bubba was carrying it around and loading it with pine cones and rocks. He's going to be a natural at this Easter egg thing! HA!


We started another day with screaming and therefore, another day at the park. I got a small shopping bag from the cupboard and gave it to the baby so he could gather pine cones. He's really into collecting pine cones for some reason! Here, I tried to take a photo of us. I swear he was in a good mood at this point, not that you can tell from this photo.

Friday was Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. I swear I'm not making that up - Google it! I decided that it was going to be Sit On Your Butt Day, but that didn't really work out. Since one of the alternatives I came up with was Buy Your Wife A Present Day, my husband decided to observe that one. He picked me up a little something at Michaels, and Bubba got a little metal pail of his very own. I think it will be his Easter basket this year!

It's still Lent, so there is still no meat on Fridays. Last year I slipped up a lot but this year I've done really well. I made some cod and cooked it en papillote for the first time. It came out really good!

We were going to go to the Festival of the Arts in downtown Tempe, but as we were driving there I saw on my Twitter feed that there was something called Worldfest celebrating Phoenix's sister cities happening. Since 90% of the vendors at the art festival are repeats, we decided to skip it and do Worldfest instead.

It was held at Heritage Square downtown. It was smaller than the art festival, but also less crowded. There are all these neat old houses there and they almost all have pretty flowers in front. Bubba liked them and we had many opportunities to work on "don't touch!" and "be GENTLE."

He also got to try on a little of his Mexican heritage...

Learn about the pandas from China...

Pose for photos on a camel cutout...

and admire plenty of trees and airplanes.

Speaking of trees... how funky is the paint job on this one? This is just a random photo that I snapped while driving home.

Saturday night I attended a Mom's Night Out meetup with our mom/play group. It was a Pure Romance party. Those suitcases in the photo up there? Full of "adult" goodies. It was actually very entertaining and a lot of fun. We played a game where everyone got a Dixie cup with four peanut M&Ms and a drinking straw. You were to put the candy in your palm and the empty cup between your knees. When the party demonstrator said go, you were to use the straw to suck up the candy and drop it into the cup. First person to get all four in the cup, raise her hands, and say "I suck nuts" (I KNOW!!!) won the game.

Yeah, I tied for first. I didn't know whether to be proud or embarrassed! It was funny because I was all like, "Wow, I totally expected that to be a lot harder" and a bunch of the other moms were like "That was too hard!!!"

I came home glittery and smelling good. It was nice to get out of the house and just hang out with people having fun.


No photos today! It was Palm Sunday, and since my RCIA class was going to be attending mass together (meaning I was at Church for a shorter amount of time today) I had my husband and the baby tag along. The baby's soon to be godfather came too, along with Susan and her family. It's so nice to be able to go to church with friends!

Since the service was a bit longer than usual, we dropped Bubba off in the nursery. This is the only the second time we've left him with someone else, and the first time that it was not someone he knew already. I'm happy to say he did great! They said he didn't cry at all and he played with cars most of the time. He got an animal cracker (it was even organic :) and got along with the other kids. I'm so glad, because I did worry about that.

After church we went out for Greek food with the godparents. It was good to get to sit and hang out and chat for a while. The boy was in a pretty good mood too considering that we had gotten him up so much earlier than usual and he was clearly getting tired. He ate macaroni and cheese, a couple of my fries, and even got to try ketchup for the first time. He loved it. GAG.

We popped into a mall on the way home to pick out something for the boy to wear on Easter Sunday. I ended up getting a green and white button down shirt that will go great with his green Chuck Taylors that we bought on clearance before St. Patrick's Day, and the cutest little dark brown bow tie with little dogs on it. It's super preppy. I'm looking forward to it!

Tomorrow I will be going for another run, but for now I'm off to bed!

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Blogger Cass said...

I'd kill to go to a Pure Romance party again. Of course, I mean that figuratively, not in a "I'm your online stalked" sort of way.

Those parties are the strangest, funnest things ever!

1:25 PM  
Blogger Samara Link said...

Looks like a nice weekend-plus. :) I love Sawyers little beige cutie hat. Your fish looks delish. That's so nice that your husband sometimes gets to telecommute. (What does he do?) It's really cool that you got to try a Passover Seder. Kind of a neat thing to experience. I love that you got a gift on buy your wife a gift day!! That's awesome. Just the fact that he walked into Michael's and had a general idea of something you'd like. That's very sweet!!

4:51 PM  
Blogger Hooptee said...

I can't believe you've never had horseradish you foodie! Maybe it's an east coast thing, but we even put it in our cocktail sauce!
I hope things work out with you and the random mom. My current closest friend is someone I met through mom's group that is in my neighborhood and has a girl who was born just a few weeks after Samantha. It's so nice to have someone to compare notes with. Speaking of which - Samantha's been doing the same thing lately with the crankiness. Sometime she just wakes up inconsolable. She just wants to be outside. It's frustrating.

12:51 PM  

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