Sunday, September 13, 2009

12 of 12 September 09

Two months in a row, baby! Yeah! Thanks to Susan for posting a reminder on Facebook the day before though, because otherwise, I would have probably forgotten. Here are my twelve photos for the month:

Bubba had to go to the pediatrician for his flu shot. They were just holding a mass clinic, where you signed up to come and it was first come, first served. It ran from 7 am to noon, so we figured that if we got there at 7 am, the wait would be short, because who is going to go to the doctor at 7 am on a Saturday? Uh...

Plenty of people. We got there at five after and it was jam packed. BOO. But, on the way there we did see two pretty hot air balloons overhead, so that was nice. This was the first one we spotted.

Here is my husband showing off the baby's bandaid. It was so weird - we were sitting in the waiting area listening to all the babies crying in the background and completely dreading having to do this vaccination. Finally, our name was called so we headed back. We took off his shorts, the nurse gave him his shot, and that was it. No crying, no fussing, NOTHING. Whoa.

Usually he will fuss for about a half minute or so after getting his shots, but he barely made a peep this time. He did wince, but that is all. Maybe because it was only one instead of the 3-4 he usually gets? Who knows. All I know is that my boy was a trooper!

After that, we hit the drive thru at Starbucks. This is my usual - an iced venti sugar-free hazelnut non-fat chai and a packet of madeleines. YUM. I was able to enjoy it once we got home while my husband took the car for an oil change and it's 15,000 mile checkup.

Later, I discovered why our coffee table was so wobbly. Looks like we need to start seriously thinking about a new one here soon.

Bubba helped his dad do the dishes. We had to get the house straightened up before heading out to a barbecue with my mom's group.

On the way there - look, we CAN grow corn in Arizona. Hot diggety dog!

Passing a dairy farm. Cows STINK, y'all.

Did I mention I live in the fifth biggest city in the country? Yeah. Cows. Corn. Good stuff.

They had this CUTE miniature armchair there for their son, so Bubba tested it out. He's still a little bit small for this one. I think he would have an easier time getting in and out of the Pottery Barn one we've been eyeing.

I have to keep my bag out of his reach, because if I don't, this happens. Yes, that is a Big Mac box in there. Don't judge.

My evening - Facebook, receipts from our Target stop on the way home, and my library book. I'm reading up on Elimination Communication and Infant Potty Training. Expect a post on this to come! It's REALLY interesting. I swear.

We bought some new, thicker cloth diapers on the previously mentioned Target run. He's been soaking through the thin ones we originally bought (to use as insterts in the gDiapers) when we started using cloth months ago. I took them out of the package so we could wash them and Miss Gidget decided they were the perfect place to snuggle up with her toy.

My husband was listening to song samples on iTunes (the laptop was connected to the TV) and it caught Bubba's attention. He crawled over to the TV, pulled himself up, and started to play with the speakers and babble at it. SO cute. I guess you can say he likes Kings of Leon, huh?

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Blogger Hooptee said...

Cute stuff. Love Gidget on the diapers! I always love this idea. I need to do this and scrapbook it. It's such a good snapshot of life at the moment.

I am looking forward to your post about potty training and such. I'm hoping you'll do all the reading and I can just suck the knowledge out of you! :)

and yes - cows do stink.

6:27 AM  

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