Sunday, August 16, 2009


I've found a new thing that I like to do - visit thrift stores. Oh, but you won't find me in housewares. I sure as heck won't be in women's clothing either. I have one spot for which I like to make a beeline - the racks of baby clothes! I just can't seem to find the patience to peruse the racks of adult clothing, even though I know people who find super cute things there. But when it comes to the baby clothes? Yeah, I can totally hit three stores in one day (like I did on Friday) and be totally cool with it.

Even if I only walk out with a couple of things, I still have a good time. I guess maybe it's that whole "thrill of the hunt" thing. You really and truly never know what you're going to find. Sure there are lots of gross things there. It's appalling what some people see fit to donate. (if it is ripped/stained, dude, just toss it already!) Some of the other shoppers are kind of scary too. (I'm talking about you, creepy old dude perusing/feeling the girl's swimsuits!) This one woman actually tried to change the price tag on a Coach purse from $50 to $12. Maybe she forgot the proceeds from these items go to freaking CHARITY??? Ugh.

What I look for are baby clothes that are cute, in good condition, and with a label that will allow me to sell them on eBay when Bubba outgrows them. In this way, I'm being economical and friendly to my budget, I'm helping the environment by reusing items instead of buying new, and my child looks FLY, y'all.

This was my favorite purchase of the day:

A little Ralph Lauren rugby shirt in perfect condition. It's too big, but it was cute enough that I am okay with stashing it until it fits. I also got two plain Ralph Lauren polo shirts:

The navy one is 12 months, so a little bit large for now, and the red one is 9 months, so a perfect fit right now. I think I had the white balance wrong on my camera because these look kind of faded and they're not in real life. Huh.

Then there was this little gem:

I seriously NEVER see Lacoste around here. My husband actually spotted this one. Again, it's a little big, but a rare enough find that I'm willing to store it for a bit. I couldn't pass it up for two bucks!!!

Another cute button down Ralph Lauren shirt:

A miniature Hawaiian shirt from Hilo Hattie, complete with coconut shell buttons:

A couple of Baby Gap onesies:

These are GREAT for under overalls!

A little hooded Reebok windbreaker:

Some tee shirts for days when we're just bumming around the house:

This one is funny because he's really into pulling up and starting to "cruise" so uh, he falls sometimes. Okay, a lot of times.

This one because his father and I are dorks and laughed hysterically when we saw it. I can't believe they made it in a baby size! It's from The Children's Place, if you can believe it. We were both Greek in college, and if Bubba decides to rush, we can show him pics of him wearing this as a baby. Because we're dorks.

We like to call him our Monkey Man, so this was fitting.

Some Baby Gap carpenter jeans.

And finally, blue cordouroy overalls for when the weather cools down a bit. MAN am I a sucker for a little kid in overalls. I'll probably have to ditch them all when we start potty training (*SNIFF*) but for now, we're good!
I also found this and thought it was cute enough and in good enough condition that I could just list it on eBay. It was a DOLLAR. I think I'll get my investment returned.

And finally - I leave you with this. Who DOES this?

I swear, my husband is harder on his clothes than anyone I've ever met. He's had those shoes for under two years, and it's not like they're cheap shoes or like he doesn't have any others that he wears. He sits all day at a desk! How is he wearing them out like this???

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Blogger Sweet Simplicity said...

Great deals!! Those shirts are so cute!!!

6:52 PM  
Blogger Devon said...

awesome finds! Have you been to any of the kids consignment stores? I've found nice things there for Jacob for cheap.

8:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love overalls, too! Just so adorable. I also thought our overall days are over (my son is 3), but when I found the sweetest shortalls at the Children's Place on clearance for $3, I threw all concerns to the wind and snatched them.

They are a little inconvenient, but at this age I'm still with him all the time, so when he needs to use the bathroom, he comes to tell me anyway. It's an extra step for me to unbuckle them and hold the straps, but for the cuteness (and $3!!) I'll make the trade gladly!

So there is hope ;)

8:51 PM  
Blogger Susanne P. said...

i love the striped red shirt and the hoodie. too cute.

thrift stores drive me crazy. i don't have the patience for them. i can cruise by the shoes but that's it.

check out all that SB stuff behind the shoe. looks awesome.

1:51 AM  
Blogger Hooptee said...

I'm the same way! I love thrift store, but can only deal with the baby clothes! We have one near us that is uber picky with what they take so everything is in fantastic condition and designer labels. LOVE IT! You found some awesome stuff!

4:16 AM  
Blogger Samara Link said...

Wow! Jackpot!
I like to go to them, too. I've been collecting things to remake into Halloween decorations. My latest score -- a $1 tissue box holder that I plan to spray paint and decorate before Oct 1st when I decorate the house.

7:49 AM  

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