Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It was brought to my attention recently that I did not post the photos I took for Sawyer's nine month photo shoot. I took them on the eighteenth of last month, I just sort of forgot to post them. I got a LOT of cute ones this month too, so I warn you, this is going to be photo heavy. As usual, you should be able to click on these to access the larger versions.

He's getting longer, but not really wider. All his clothes are too big in the width but short in the length.
He's a very happy, silly baby a lot of the times.

He's definitely more mobile now, with all the crawling, and it's getting trickier to get good shots of him since I hate using the flash on my camera.

Please ignore my toe. Once again, these are unedited photos. :)

The biggest thing that everyone notices about my boy is that he is the scowliest baby on the planet. Seriously. This kid has been scowly practically since the day he was born. He gives you the best "WOW, are you STUPID" looks that I've ever seen. He's very serious and you can tell he's just taking EVERYTHING in.

This past month he and Gidget have become great friends. I was really worried about her, being that she is a little diva and kind of cantankerous in her own right, but they get along great.

She likes to lick his face and he thinks it's just the funniest thing. He will let her and just laugh and laugh. Whenever we get home from being out somewhere, she always acts excited to see him too. Eventually I have to say "Gidget, ENOUGH!" to get her to leave him alone!

Another thing that's making these photoshoots a bit more difficult is that he can pick up Uglydoll quite easily now.

That one eye is a source of constant amusement.

This is what a lot of my photoshoot looked like - baby crawling out of frame.

He's tall enough to look out the window now.

He's so skinny, but he eats like crazy! I don't get it. My husband was a skinny kid though, and I was always the smallest kid in my class up until high school, so the pediatrician said that she's not worried about it. She did have me switch him to the higher calorie toddler formula though. Bonus - it's about $10 a can cheaper than the organic stuff I was giving him before. How often does THAT happen???

I caught him mid-sneeze, ha ha!

Such a serious little man.

I swear this child poses sometimes.

This is his, I'm being sneaky/funny face, which is most often seen as he pauses to look back over his shoulder on his way to the dog's water dish.

I just love that silly baby grin!

Are you still taking pictures???

I'm not sure what this was all about, but can I tell you how glad I am that I caught it on camera? This is my new favorite photo of him, haha! My son is FIERCE, y'all!

Sassy baby.

Drooly cutie.

He's obviously thinking about something here. He had five teeth when I took these photos. (he's up to seven now)


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Blogger Sweet Simplicity said...

These photos are adorable! I love all his faces!

6:20 AM  
Blogger Miss Anne said...

if you EVER get sick of him.
i want him.
seriously cutest baby i've ever seen.


11:34 AM  
Blogger kingsqueen said...

Love the photos! :)
Your little cutie pie has the MOST expressive face! I love all the different looks he gives you.

12:06 PM  
Blogger Carrie said...

Such a doll!
Seriously what a ham! He works the camera. :)

5:08 AM  

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