Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Peek Inside

You know how some people can't help but peek inside the medicine cabinet at other people's houses? I'm not one of those people. I used to be, but then I read about someone who booby trapped their cabinet during a party to embarrass their nosy friends, and that pretty much ended it for me. I am, however, a very curious person. If I weren't paranoid about booby-trapped medicine cabinets I might me tempted to peek.

For fun, I decided to snap a photo of the inside of my medicine cabinet to show you what the inside looks like. Yes, this is what it usually looks like. I cannot STAND to not have the labels on things facing forward. Blame it on the OCD.

Here it is, in all it's cluttery glory!

And, since you can't pull things out to look at them yourself, I labled them for the sake of easy discussion.

1. Palmer's Organic Stretch Mark Cream - this stuff is a freaking JOKE.
2. A tiny sample tube of the world's grossest toothpaste that I nabbed from the hospital because it's GREAT for cleaning my silver jewelry.
3. One of those GOsmile things I got as a sample at Sephora and never used.
4. Victoria's Secret Pear Glace lotion - my favorite scent there.
5. Aspirin for giving myself facials.
6. A travel bottle with Philosophy Purity face wash. The big bottle is in the shower.
7. Teeny bottles of Victoria's Secret lotions that I won at a baby shower.
8. Almay SmartShade Makeup that is supposed to magically match the tone of your skin. It's CRAP. Made me look all dry and flaky. It looks like melted vanilla bean ice cream, but the "secret" is that when you start to massage it into your skin, the little black dots burst and the color blends with the white lotion, making the brown color. This was something that my friend bought, tried, hated, and then let me try.
9. Odor Eaters spray that has been in there FOREVER. It works really well. I used to have these Sketchers that smelled worse than any shoes I've ever owned, and this took care of those. Fabulous!
10. Dove Mousse. It's actually almost empty. I like the way it smells.
11. Dove hairspray. Great light hold hairspray. I also like the way it smells.
12. Grapefruit essential oil and Tea Tree oil for making all-natural cleaning products. Can't be exposing the baby to chemicals now!
13. Fresh & Easy baby oil. I like this one because it's not mineral oil based. I use it to make the cleaning solution for Bubba's reusable baby wipes.
14. Murray's hair pomade. I'm pretty sure I've had this tin for about a decade now. It's super cheap and lasts FOREVER. You just moisten your fingertips on it and use it to tame flyaway hairs.
16. Sure unscented antiperspirant. I read somewhere that Vegas showgirls used this on their bikini line to stop ingrowns and red bumps. Yeah, it doesn't really work all that well and then you get white crap all over your bathing suit. Yuck.
17. Mary Kay oil-free eye makeup remover. A former coworker gave this to me and I like it. And it was free. :)
18. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Toner - LOVE this. I have this goofy combination skin where it's dry and tight and peely and flaky after I wash it, and then a few hours later I'm a total oil slick. This really helps the situation and I'm so grateful to the SA at Nordstrom who recommended it!
19. Kiehl's Ultra Facial tinted moisturizer with SPF. The other half of the solution. I love this because I don't have to put layers upon layers of product on my face - it's just this instead of moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation.
20. Ambi Fade Cream - I am Hispanic, and that same great coloring that makes it so that I tan when everyone else is burned also makes it so that whenever I get a zit or any little cut, I get a dark sport there after it heals for several weeks. It sucks. This is to try and cut down on the time you can see those dark spots.
21. Nair for the face - I may or may not have a little hair on ye olde upper lip. Hispanic. BLAH. I deal.
22. Philosophy Micro Delivery Peel - it's two parts. My friend bought it, didn't like it, and gave it to me. It's okay, but I don't use it often.
23. Crystal deodorant - I love this! It's all natural, environmentally friendly, doesn't leave white crap all over your armpits and clothes, and really works well! I read about it on Jorge Garcia's blog, and figured that if it worked for him in the jungles of Hawaii, it would work okay for me. It's also super cheap - this thing cost me $2.99 and I've been using it for MONTHS now. It's not even halfway gone. It gets a lot of bad reviews, but when you read them, you realize that it's because people are dumb and aren't following the directions. It's not used like regular deodorant.
24. Aqua Net - Oh yeaaaah! LOL!
25. MAC brush cleaner. If you're going to spend the money on good brushes, then you need to spend the money on maintaining them properly. This stuff works GREAT.
26. Jergen's Natural Glow moisturizer. It works well and doesn't smell too much like that stinky corn chip self tanner smell.
27. Free samples of deodorant I've gotten in the mail - great for trips or going to the gym. Not that I do either of those things anymore.
28. Nail polish remover - I have a tiny bottle in my bag of nail stuff that I refill from this big bottle.
29. MAC eyelash curler. It doesn't fit in my makeup case.
30. Old eyeglass cases with eyeglasses inside. I need to donate these.
31. Tresemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray - I spray my hair down generously with this after I get out of the shower because I don't think all the flat ironing I do can be very good for it, you know?
32. Coco by Chanel perfume. When I was 13 my friends and I ditched school and headed out to the Biltmore Fashion Park. Inside one of the stores (it may well have been Chanel, I don't remember) there was a basket full of little sample vials of this perfume. We each took a HANDFUL. (we were so ghetto, and so thirteen!) I used those samples for the next 2 1/2 years. I used other perfumes through the years, but always kept coming back to Coco. Finally, I decided I was old enough to have a "signature" perfume, and Coco was the obvious choice. Nice, sophisticated, but not overly common. Good stuff.
33. Bikini Zone gel - THIS is what you use so that you don't get ingrown hairs/red bumps after shaving your bikini line! The shave gel isn't half bad either.

There you go - the contents of my medicine cabinet! And for fun, here's a peek into my makeup case:



Blogger Random Thoughts... said...

Miss M, I Love you. You crack me up!! I am def going to try that heat tamer spray, I have hemrhoid cream in mine! HAHAHA It really does help for puffy eyes though I sware!

11:34 PM  
Blogger Sweet Simplicity said...

This makes me want to go home and organize my bathroom. My stuff is all over the place.

7:17 AM  
Blogger emily said...

This made me LOL...especially the Aqua Net! Love this post - funny and informative! I dont have a med cabinet but...there is a goldmine under my bathroom sink :)

5:21 AM  
Blogger Maggi said...

Wow. You're good!

9:14 PM  
Blogger My test said...

love this post make me feel buying new cabinet..
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4:13 AM  

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