Monday, September 29, 2008

7 Random Things

The lovely Susanne went and tagged me to post 7 random facts about myself. Although random I am, I have a really hard time with this kind of stuff. Let's see...

1. I am exactly the same distance around my waist right now as the length of a small spool of American Crafts Ribbon. That would be four feet exactly, or 1.5 meters.

2. I haven't bought bread from the store in four months. I've been making it instead.

3. We couldn't find a Bible for our wedding ceremony (I know; we're heathens, and so are all our friends!) so we used a leatherbound copy of Grimm's Fairy Tales. I bet if I pulled it off the shelf it would still have the printout of the text for the ceremony tucked in the pages.

4. I add on my fingers, and have a hard time remembering the difference between left and right in spite of my 132 - 137-ish I. Q.

5. I want to go skydiving one day. I was going to do it for my 30th birthday, then I put it off, then I said I'd get to it before I turned 31, then I got pregnant. Oops. Maybe for my 40th birthday...

6. I would love to one day have a house with a HUGE (I'm talking bigger than the living room!) kitchen, outfitted with two ovens (just not one over the other, I'm short!), a french door refrigerator with two freezer drawers, TONS of cabinets, large drawers for pots and pans, a walk in pantry, and a six burner gas range on one end of a large marble topped island, the other end which I can use as a work surface. Oh, and I want a wall of bookshelves for tchochkies and cookbooks.

7. The only reason I own a television set is because of my husband. I moved out of my mom's house a month after my 16th birthday, yet didn't buy a TV until I was 22. Even then, I hardly watched it. People would come over and think it was totally weird that I didn't have one. Even now, the TV is off all day until my husband gets home and he turns it on. Of course, once the stupid thing is on I'm glued to it, LOL!



Blogger Susanne P. said...

see, i knew you could do it.

when you are done with the kitchen you can fly here and over-see the construction of one for me. i want those pull out drawers for flour, sugar and stuff. PR Woman has them. 2 ovens is a dream of mine.

and no TV?? you are nuts!

7:58 AM  
Blogger Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I wish I made bread. I see that you have 19 days to go! AH!! Any day, lady!!

9:58 AM  
Blogger Miss Anne said...

oh my goodness, oh my goodness!

can't wait to see the post that you had your baby! :) not to long now!

Love your "ideal" kitchen thoughts... love it! how fabulous would that be, i mean really!


embrace TV my dear... embrace it!

2:19 PM  

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