Saturday, July 12, 2008


This morning, I had this awful burning itch on the left underside of my stomach. Since I can no longer see down there, I went into my husbands bathroom and had a peek in the mirror.

I seem to have a rash of some sort. Great.

It's a patch of red, bumpy skin about 2 x 3 inches. It itches, but it's like a burny itch. Kinda feels like a heat rash actually, but it doesn't look like any heat rash I've ever had. The bumps are too big. I was trying to peek at it later in the day by stretching my belly skin up while leaning over, when I made another discovery:

I'm starting to get stretch marks.

Yay, fun! Right? I drink so much flipping water, I slather on the organic cocoa butter stretch mark cream... but in all honesty, I know they're genetic. I know my mom had a crapload of them, and I know I'm over thirty years old now, not exactly a young, elastic, and supple youth. *sigh* I guess I was kinda hoping I'd get lucky and avoid them altogether, you know?

They're light still. They're not like the ones I got on my hips after I tried the stupid Depo Provera shot when I was nineteen. These look like they started from the inside this time, if that makes sense. The last ones were angry and red, on the surface of my skin. These are pale purple, and I can see them under the surface, like they're trying to break through.

In other news, I have been a busy bee!

I finished the letters to spell out Sawyer's name over the crib, I finished a mini brag book for a gift exchange I'm in, I made a little quilted woobie for the same gift exchange, I learned how to bind said quilt, I started work on finishing a quilt for a friend (it was supposed to be a baby shower gift and her boy is turning one soon...oops), I bought some items to make personalized bibs... that's not even counting cleaning up the living room and sorting through my huge pile of magazines! I'm just plugging right along!

Here's a photo of the woobie, I think it came out so cute, even if my binding is crooked:

I never claimed to be a master seamstress. I merely dabble. :) I mitered the corners and everything. I'm so proud, LOL! As soon as I hang the letters on the wall over the crib, I'll post a photo of that too.

Today, I am 26 weeks pregnant... one more week and I'm out of the second trimester! Whoa! We were at Michaels today, and they already had the freaking Halloween stuff out! I totally had a moment of panic right there in the store. THAT is how soon this child will be here... yikes!

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Blogger emily said...

That quilt is so cute. I've always wanted to learn how to do that! Keep enjoying every minute of being pregnant...stretch marks and all! Just stay away from the stores that like to rush us through time! LOL

6:59 AM  
Blogger kingsqueen said...

Cute quilt!
And the shock of realizing...there really IS a baby coming. Soon! LOL
Just wait til you have him and it's time to go home. It's very surreal. You won't actually believe the hospital is just going to let you leave with him. It feels like you are stealing something. Even though you "know", it just doesn't feel "real" for a while. :)

10:24 AM  
Blogger Zee said...

Very cute!

Hey, I have a little boy turning one in a couple of days.


8:27 PM  

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