Monday, July 14, 2008

It's rained two of the past four days

...and apparently, this is enough to make the sad, dry, Arizona earth celebrate by sending up mushrooms!

I went outside yesterday and they were everywhere! Notice how blurry my photo is? Yeah, that's because it seems that I am no longer able to bend over or crouch properly. I especially can't hold that pose for any length of time any more!

We went to go pick up our maternity photos at the photographer's house yesterday, and since it had been pouring rain all afternoon I decided it would be best to wear some sneakers for traction, as opposed to my usual flip flops or Born slide sandals. All my work shoes were the slide on type too, so I can't even tell you the last time I had to put on actual socks, or tie my shoelaces.

I still can't, as a matter of fact, because I had to have one very amused at my situation husband do it for me! I tried bending over, I tried crossing my foot over my knee, I tried propping it up on the coffee table... I strained and grunted and finally gave in and asked for help.

We hung out at Angelina's house for a good two and a half hours last night, just chatting. It's kinda nice to hang out with people about your own age and just chill, no drinking, no complaining, no having to go out and spend a munch of money for something to do. Just talking and laughing and sharing stories. It was an evening well spent, I think.

I'm decorating baby bibs with puff paint and I needed a few more colors so we made a Joann run too earlier in the day. They keep little bins full of odds and ends for just a dollar along the length of the checkout area, and I managed to score these:

How cool is that? A whole freaking alphabet for a buck each! The wood mounts were only a dollar too. I paid $10 for the PSX ones back in the day, and these are almost the same size. They had a whole bunch of different fonts and styles, in upper and lower case, but I was well reserved and just picked up these three. I even used the round ones on a layout already (which I need to scan and will be posted later).

Kick butt.

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Blogger Angelina said...

What do you mean "I think!" We enjoyed your company just as much!! We want you guys to come back soon... you look soooo cute!!!

12:01 AM  

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