Monday, April 14, 2008


Huh. I do believe this photo is sideways. Oops!

Ikea meatballs (at about a million grams of fat each, but oh so yummy) on skewers over broccoli and baby carrots with a steamed barbecue pork bun. I also have some rice sprinkled with furikake and a plastic carrot full of soy sauce that I did not bother to use, as the fat from the meatballs was quite enough of a condiment. Under the lid are these little Japanese puff pastry things that are filled with chocolate, called Pie-no-mi. Only three, because really, it's all you need.

I think my balance of starch/veggies was off on this one. I did manage to get five colors in though, so that's something.

Friday's lunch:

Two freaking ginormous onigiri (what the heck was I thinking?) filled with ginger soy chicken, one sprinkled with black sesame seeds. I was going to put white sesame seeds on the other one, then I forgot. I also have some edamame and sliced baby carrots in there.

Bottom tier contains three shumai, one fantastic organic strawberry, a hardboiled egg molded into a star shape, a little bottle of soy sauce for the onigiri, a teeny tiny mandarin orange (how could I resist buying a bag of these???) and a Meltyblend milk chocolate, which I still have yet to eat. It's living in my desk drawer now.

They had a breakfast here at work today and I ate four medium sized strawberries, and a piece and a half of toast. I washed it down with two small cups of orange juice, and I was so full I thought I might be sick.
So when does this "eat like a horse" phase kick in? I'm more in a "eat like a bird" phase right now.

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Blogger Lorie said...

The lunch looks yummy...but not as yummy as the cupcakes up top!

3:34 PM  
Blogger Lida said...

Everytime I see your lunches I get so hungry!! They look super yummy

9:58 AM  

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