Monday, December 10, 2007

Curing a case of the Bah Humbugs

My husband and I have this little Christmas problem. Since we normally are travelling on Christmas lately, we have fallen into this rut of not bothering to decorate since we won't be home for the holiday. I say:

"We should put up the tree." He says:

"But why? We won't be home to enjoy it." and I say:

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Besides, it's a lot of work!"

And so it doesn't get done.

Last night we were over a friend's house for Sunday football. They had a huge tree up, lights outside, a wreath on the door, garlands and miscellaneous decorations inside... it was so festive! As we were headed home, we admired the lighting displays that other people had put on their homes as well. I looked at my husband, and I said:

"We should put up the tree." He says:

"But why? We won't be home to enjoy it." and I say:

"But it just doesn't feel like Christmas yet this year." So he says:

"Okay, I guess we can put it up."

So, after grocery shopping and dinner, we hauled out the dang tree and wrestled it into place. In the process, we also dug out the garlands for the windows, our stockings, and a few other things. The tree isn't decorated yet, but it's up and lit and really pretty. Even my husband decided he was glad that we did it, and commented that it did make it seem more like Christmas time.

Tonight - ornaments!

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Blogger SILLY.MICHELLE. said...
I was able to order the notebooks you have been searching for...good luck!
I know how you feel, many times I will see something or hear about it, then when I actually go out shopping to look for it, people look at me like I have been smoking crack!


12:17 PM  

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