Thursday, October 26, 2006


I'm at work... and I am bored. It's almost one and I've had 2 customers in the 3 hours we've been open. I'm about to die of boredom. Well, I've had three people if you count the UPS man. I posted that as a comment on someone's myspace, and then I realized how it sounded... ACK! I didn't HAVE the UPS man, he just came here. Hmm, is that worse? I better stop now while I'm ahead! EEK!

I went in the back (scary) bathroom to get some Windex to clean the counter, and I decided that the bathroom in the space next door must be on the other side because I heard someone let one rip. Loud. I thought someone had come in the store when I wasn't looking or something. Scared me.

Funny (true) story:

Last night the husband and I went to get a few items at the grocery store. He walked up to the little card swiper thingy since he was paying, and I put the stuff on the little conveyor belt. As I was walking up to join him, I spotted the KitKats, and I grabbed me one. I kinda non-chalantly tossed it next to the rest of the groceries and joined my husband at the payment machine.

He took one look at me and asked, what did you put in with the groceries? I was like what? What are you talking about? He says to me, you have that "Phoenician snuck something in the grocery pile while her husband wasn't looking" look. While I was thinking about what I should say, he says yup, I knew it. What was it? I'm gonna guess that it was a Kit Kat since you were going on about Kit Kats last night.

I was?

Married only three years, and I am already predictable.


Blogger em said...

I am so bad at buying "treats" and then playing the "how did that get in the cart" card!!

2:08 PM  

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