Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Husband Free Pass

So yesterday, we are on our way home and I asked my husband, hey, what's today? He says, I think it's the 24th. I say today our wedding anniversary? He says I thought it was the 26th. I say yeah, maybe you are right. But it might be today.

Can you believe this??? We've only been married three years and we both already forgot when our anniversary was!

My husband, being a man, thought it was really cool that his wife totally forgot. In my defense, I did know that it was this week, while he completely forgot about it. I had to pull out our wedding album and double check the date. It was yesterday. Oops!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! you guys suck! LOL Berto and I confuse our anniv with Bailey's bday. her's is the 21st of Aug and our's is the 26th of Aug


9:44 AM  

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