Sunday, May 07, 2006

More Organization

I like chipboard, especially alphabets. I love the way they look on layouts. The problem is that I don’t really buy them anymore because I don’t use them. I don’t use them because I had them all thrown into one drawer, and it was impossible to find the letter I was looking for. It was easier to just use a sticker or maybe print something out and hand-cut it with the X-Acto knife.

But not anymore.

I went to Target (oh, what a wonderful/dangerous store!) tonight and I picked up this little number:

My plan was to put one letter in each drawer, thereby eliminating the hunt for letters. Sure, I knew that there were only 24 drawers, and there are 26 letters in the alphabet, but I figured I could combine a couple of letters.

Um, yeah. Couldn’t do it. Stupid OCD. The letters you would usually combine, like X and Q were the ones that I had the most of because I didn’t use them at all. And, of course, I seemed to have forgotten all about numbers. Oh, and punctuation too. So… guess what I am doing first thing in the morning? Ha ha!

I told my husband and he was like, you need ANOTHER ONE???? (insert look of spousal horror here) What could make you decide in the last HOUR that you needed another 24 drawers to house 2 extra letters? I informed him that I had numbers that needed homes! Punctuation too. He said that a period did not need a whole drawer. I told that smart aleck that I’d put the punctuation all together in one drawer. Duh.

I also mentioned that I would be able to find other things with which to fill the remaining 20 drawers. After all, chipboard comes in MANY shapes. Did he doubt my abilities? He said no, because that was the problem with scrapbookers. He said that we had this cycle of buy stuff; need more storage. Buy more storage; need more stuff to fill it. Buy more stuff; need more storage... and on and on. He said maybe he should start his OWN blog. The title?

“You can’t Scrap without Crap”

Isn’t he lovely?


Blogger em said...

I wish I had enough chipboard letters to sort them out! But even if I did, I sooo don't have enough room in my scrap space for them!! I'm just going to have to come take some of yours!!

5:51 PM  

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