Thursday, May 04, 2006


Poor Celine Dion. She had to take time off from her Vegas show because she has a rare ear disease called Labrynthitis. Wow. I now have something in common with Celine Dion. Have you ever heard of Labrynthitis?

It's a viral infection that causes an inflammatory disorder of the inner ear, or the labyrinth, if you will. Your inner ear is where all those fun little fluids that help you keep your balance are located. Guess what happens when you have this?

Let me tell you it is NOT fun. The last year I was in college, I got this BAD. It started off really low key. I had to go upstairs to get to all my classes that semester. I started to notice that I was getting winded and a little bit lightheaded after just a flight of stairs. I was thinking, MAN, am I out of shape!

It got worse. That lightheaded feeling segwayed into full blown dizziness soon, and constant nausea soon followed. While at first the dizziness only lasted a minute or two, eventually it would last for almost a half hour at a time. My vertigo got pretty severe. When it got to where I couldn't look down at my notebook to take notes in class, I knew it was time to go to the doctor.

I had to do all sorts of fun coordination tests, like walking backwards on my heels and following a pen with my eyes. The doctor diagnosed me, and then gave me the bad news... since Labrynthitis is a viral illness, there was absolutely NOTHING I could take to get better. Not only that, it could last from a couple weeks to a year, we had no way of knowing. I'd get better when my body got around to getting better!

I was given meds to help with the nausea and the vertigo. They did work, but they also made me very drowsy and stupid. This was not a good thing when I had Algebra (which I suck at, seriously) every day first thing in the morning! I could be dizzy, and able to concentrate, or calm, and stupid. Most days, I opted for stupid.

Well, guess what was right after Algebra? Ha ha, Modern Dance! Seriously, I could kick the advisor who talked me into that one in the nuts and not feel bad about it at all. The teacher was this ancient dance crone who was just not getting it at all. I took her my doctor's note, but she didn't buy that I wasn't getting better soon and that there were no meds to make me better. I would force myself to participate until I was so dizzy that it looked like someone had just taken their hand and smeared the entire world for me. I'd tell her I had to sit out at that point, only to receive a lecture and made to feel bad. She wouldn't let me drop the class either, because she felt that I wasn't "applying" myself. Grr.

I got better... eventually. It lasted for about four months. I ended up having to get a medical withdrawal for that semester, which ultimately lead to me losing my financial aid. Oops.

Why can't I just get the flu like normal people?


Blogger em said...

Holy Cow! I've never heard of such a thing! And it lasted four months???? Ouch. Glad you're better now!!!

4:44 PM  
Anonymous wendy said...

WOWZERS. I haven't heard that either. VIRAL? meaning you can catch it?! And it can come back? UGH!!1 and that BITES about your financial aid. I cannot BELIEVE your college would do that. What is WRONG with some people?!

6:13 PM  

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