Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Starring Blog Entry as Layout Journaling

I scrapbooked tonight. I did something I rarely do - I did a layout about myself, and I used a LOT of journaling. I was reading the new Clean & Simple book by Cathy Zielske ( luurrrrrrvvve her!) and she was talking about using blog entries as journaling on pages.

I used a lot of the Oye Mi Canto entry as the journaling on this page. It's been what, almost two weeks since it happened, and I still felt like crying the whole time I worked on this page. It just really sucks, sucks, suckity-sucks. I feel like, I can't be around those people, which honestly, is really going to limit activities with my friends. I have to say that part of me hates them for making me feel like this, and I end up hating myself for allowing myself to feel this way. Why can't I just be one of those people who simply don't give a damn? I want to just NOT CARE!!!!

I like the page, I like how it came out. The photo is part of a larger photo that I cropped. It was taken last year when I went up to Oregon for the Portland Creating Keepsakes Convention. I seriously messed with the contrast and brightness in Photoshop to give it that funky, arty feel. At least, I think it looks arty. Whatever. Had it printed out as a 5" x 7" at Walgreens, then cropped it down to 5" x 6" to use on the layout. This is probably the most journaling I've ever done on one page. I'm not going to post the final journaling here, because I feel like that would be kind of redundant with it originally being a blog post. I did post the layout on Two peas, you can read it there if you like.

How would I describe how it makes me feel? Sad, yes, but I think melancholy is a better word. Listening to a LOT of Foo Fighters right now, trying to further channel my inner Cathy Z. Did I mention that I love her?

Mmm.... I wonder what Donna Downey likes to listen to?


Anonymous wendy said...

Its a beautiful layout!! I love the contrasty photo look. FABULOUS.

I'm so sorry you are still feeling bad about that episode a few weeks back. To be perfectly honest, I think I really never get over racail episodes. They cause almost as much pain every time it comes to mind. SOOO, pls don't beat yourself up for still feeling hurt. I think it is very normal.

I think you are wise to think about maybe not associating with those people anymore. It probably will always be awkward, whenever you see them, with you always wondering OR hating yourself for still thinking about it. HUGS to you! You are a wonderful person, and there are scads of people out there who will love you for you.

2:31 PM  
Blogger melissa said...

love your layout, beauitful :)

BTW-I went to high school in Chandler, I live in Gilbert, AZ right now ;)

4:43 PM  
Blogger em said...

I saw your layout on 2peas...awesome jouraling...and you look great!! For some reason I just thought that little cartoon in your sidebar was you :)

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should probably try and here all sides of the story before you call someone a racist especially if they have known you for a long time. It's not fair for you either to call them a racist without hereing the full story. Also, calling your father a "wetback" is horrible. Now that's a racist comment!

5:29 PM  
Blogger Sexy Bitch said...

Anonymous-What a weak way out. If you got something to say, own up to it and say who you are! LOSER!!!

10:04 AM  

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