Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Eating... it's my FAVORITE!!!

I am not a skinny girl, nor do I think I ever will be. I like to eat too much. Also, I looooooove junk food. Sugar, Fried, Cheese, White flour... bring it on! MMM!!!

So this blogger challenge caught my eye. To food!

Fave coffee: the Mocha Spin at Tully's, hands down. Nothing else comes close. I'm not really a straight hot coffee kinda girl. The closest I'll come is a nonfat, decaf, sugar-free hazelnut latte. Black coffee drinkers, your horror is duly noted!

Fave tea: Iced tea. NOT flavored. Nothing will make me gag faster than a peach, mango, or passionfruit flavored tea. GAG! For hot tea, I like cherry vanilla. Oooh, and the market spice tea they sell at the Pike Plave market in Seattle is pretty darn tasty too.

Fave jam: Well, jelly. I love the Knott's Berry Farm Apple Cinnamon jelly. I normally just am not a jelly eater. It's sticky and too sweet, but this stuff is good. Too bad it's nearly impossible to find anymore! I haven't had it in years.

Fave Peanut Butter: There is no such thing as good peanut butter. Oh wait - peanut butter that I don't have to eat or smell is good peanut butter.

Fave sandwich: I vary, but I always go back to good old cheese. None of that american singles crap either. I like a nice extra sharp cheddar on multigrain bread with a little mayo. Bonus points if it's lightly toasted.

Fave fast food item: I have to pick ONE??? Lately, Whoppers. Can I tell you how many stupid Whoppers I have eaten in the last two months? It's sickening. No wonder I've gained back five lbs!

Fave appetizer: Fried stuffed with cheese! LOL, just kidding. I really really like pot stickers.

Fave summertime drink: Milkshakes. Aw, who am I kidding? I have those all year long. It is Phoenix, after all!

Fave fruit: Grapes. Green or red, doesn't matter. I prefer seedless, but I am not opposed to seeds once in a while. Never tried purple ones before, but I don't care for purple grape juice at all, so I'm in no hurry.

Fave vegetable: Asparagus. I love it steamed, with a little I can't believe it's not butter spray. You know, some people say it makes your pee smell funny, but I never noticed that until about six months ago. Weird. Anyway, you needed to know that!

Fave indulgence: Maple Buttle Blondies at Applebees. If you have not had one of these, RUN to your nearest one and order it up! It's Fantastic, warm and gooey, sweet and buttery, with ice cream on top... oh YUM!

Why can't stupid salads be that good?


Blogger em said...

Thank you for liking food and not being ashamed of it!!! That's exactly how I am! I would much rather eat something yummy that sacrifice it and have a "great" body! Your post is making me so hungry...I am thinking I may have to do a post to honor food!!

5:55 PM  

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