Thursday, January 12, 2006

Long time no blog!

You know how when you don't do something for a long time, it gets sorta hard to get back into it again?

That's what happened to this here blog.

So I went on "vacation", the holidays happened, it's a new year. Plenty to discuss.

Seattle was nice. It rained every day that we were there, but not heavy rain, only a light mist, and not all day long. The heavier rains happened at night. We ate too much junk, saw a lot of people, shopped a little, got to knock a few, but definitely not all, of our touristy things off the to-do list. It definitely was not as cold as last time we were up there for Christmas, and for that I was grateful. I barely wore a coat at all the 4 days we were up there. Our flight was delayed two hours on the way there and then we missed our flight home so we were delayed another three hours coming home. Oops.

It was kinda funny, while we were sitting in the terminal at Sky Harbor, waiting for our delayed flight to Seattle, a couple of ladies who worked for the airline came in with a box of prizes to play a Christmas Trivia game. They would ask a question and the first person to come up to the podium with the correct answer would win a prize. I didn't go up to win any prizes, but I knew most of the answers. Well, I bombed any question having to do with It's A Wonderful Life. Obviously I didn't pay enough attention when I watched it. But overall, I was impressed with my own knowledge of useless and mundane facts.

The funny part was what they were giving as prizes. Some kids were in front of me, looking at what they had won, and it caught my attention. They were little travel toiletry kits, including, I kid you not, a RAZOR. Not only were they awarding these to children, they were giving them to people about to board an AIRPLANE!!! I about died, I had to get one, so I did go up to the podium once just to have proof for my story. Too funny.

New Year's was great, we had a Fiesta at a friend's house. I, being the token Mexican (ha ha) did the cooking. I made tamales with my husband and my friend before Christmas, and we froze them. The night before the party we made up some taco meat (beef seasoned up by moi and chicken grilled by her husband) and prepared stuff for a taco bar. I taught them how to clean and prep pinto beans for cooking, hee hee. The day of the party, I got there early and made rice, beans, and fresh guacamole. She made rotel dip and chili cheese dip. There were veggies to dip in ranch dressing, chips to dip in salsa or guacamole, or cheese dips, and LOTS of beer. The taco bar gave you the choice between hard and soft tacos. Man, that was some GOOD eating that night!!!

We decorated with crepe streamers and banners and passed out hats and tiaras and noisemakers. There was a champagne toast at midnight, followed by drunken pinata beating afterwards. Ah, good times!

Now all that is over, and it's 2006, can you believe it? Six years have passed since I celebrated the millenium. No one even uses that word anymore, have you noticed?

I started doing the South Beach diet, and I lost 7 lbs last week. This week I've only lost a half lb so far, but I'll take what I can get! My jeans fit just right out of the dryer, no more having to give them a good stretch first. I'll admit, I'm always skeptical of these trendy diets, especially if they sell special foods to go with them (hello Atkins!). I remember asking what South Beach was all about, and a lot of people said it was like Atkins, but you could eat fruit. Uh, okay, no thanks! Atkins, although I know it has helped MANY people, is NOT for me.

Well, here's the thing. A lot of people like to get an idea, and run with it, without checking out the facts first. Seems that people see, oh, low carb, eat protein, so they run out and shove their faces full of hamburgers and cheese with no bun. But that's not it. I read the book, and with the exception of the first two weeks (phase one) it's pretty much eating like my doctor told me to eat. Lots of veggies, lean protein, low fats, high fiber and whole grains, low fat dairy, some fruit but not too much because it's high in sugar. So I am doing this and it's hard, I miss my bread and pasta roni and cake, but I know it's healthier, because last night for dinner I had oven baked cod with REAL butter, just not a lot, and lots of asparagus. I still daydream about krispy kreme though...

I also have started to reclaim my home. UGH, what a mess! Between traveling, and holidays, it was bad. I took down the Christmas decorations, which is huge for me, because some years they stay up till March, no joke. I did a super thorough cleaning of the living room and my husband did the kitchen (mostly, but every bit counts!) and now I am tackling my scrapbook room.

I started teaching again, at the store where I worked before. I taught a class last week, and I have one today, and two more later this month. I also have a couple classes next month. I really did miss teaching. It's funny, when we were in Seattle, my husband's relations kept asking me what I did, and who wants to say they don't have a job? Yeah, I'm a deadbeat. So I told them I was self employed. I designed scrapbooks for personal clients and I also taught scrapbooking classes a few times a month at a local store. I could tell my husband was amused, but at least he didn't rat me out. I know it's the truth, but I still feel like I am putting a pretty heavy spin on my situation, but whatever, right?

The big thing lately is the sleeping. UGH, as you can see, it is after 4 am my time and I am still up. Of course I am though, seeing as how I got up at six thirty P.M.!!! YIKES! Worse still, I've gotten up every day at that time. I tell myself I will either A) force myself to stay up later each day till I push my bedtime from 5:30 am to 9:00 pm, or B) I will suck it up, get up early and STAY up, so that when 9:00 rolls around I will be so exhausted that I have no choice BUT to go to sleep then. The problem is that neither plan is quite working for me. 5:30 am rolls around, and although I haven't even been up for 12 hours yet, I am so sleepy I can barely see straight. So I go to bed, and suffer from insomnia. I toss and turn until about 8:30 or 9:00 am, and then I can sleep. I do wake up a LOT, and look at the clock, then go back to sleep. So I am not really getting quality sleep when I am getting it. It really sucks. Today I have no choice - since I have a class tonight, and I have to prep for it and the one on Saturday, I do need to stay awake. I don't care if I have to pump myself full of sugar and carbs to do it, screw the diet, I'll just start over on Monday if I have to, no biggie. I have to start to sleep normally again!!!

Anyway, I think that's it for now. I will try to get back in my posting groove after this!



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