Friday, February 07, 2014

Valentine's Day Decor 2014

I'm working on getting out of my rut, and the first part of that is to get back into homemaking.

That's right - homemaking.  As a stay at home mom, I consider that to be my job.  I figure, if my home is not looking nice and isn't a place that my family and I want to be, well then, I'm not doing a good job.  Dusty shelves with crap that hasn't found a home yet isn't welcoming to anyone, am I right?  So, I got to work decorating for Valentine's Day.

Most of this stuff was stuff I already had in my house.  The feather wreath has made a few appearances before, as have the Fenton cake stand and the glass cloche.  The beaded heart in the middle of the wreath I found in the Target Dollar Spot a few years ago.  The mercury glass candle stick, the red mosaic candle holder, the silver stand it is on, the mini apothecary jar, the teapot, the red vintage books, and the silver framed mirror are all from Goodwill.  The faux succulent in the teapot is from Hobby Lobby.  I can't keep succulents alive to save my life, but luckily the faux ones are pretty convincing.  HA!

The faux boxwood topiary ball is from Joann.  I had to hunt all over to find one the size I wanted!  I made the sign.  It says "Crazy about You" in French.  I just painted a scrap of pine board I found in the garage with acrylic paint, printed out my sentiment in the right size on plain printer paper, laid it on top of my board, and traced it.  Since pine is super soft, the pencil left an indentation on the wood that I just ended up tracing with platinum Stickles.  The hardest part of this project was waiting for the glitter to dry!

Under the cloche I have another small apothecary jar filled with glitter hearts from the dollar store and a red tassel I made a while back.  There is a small milk glass vase holding faux roses, baby's breath, and tiny glitter hearts, also from the dollar store.  I made the "two hearts" thing a couple of years ago.

I strung a couple of buntings from years past over the big mirror and changed out the runner under the lamps for a white lace one layered with a little red one that has a pattern of white hearts.  Pretty basic.

This is why I love saving all the little things I make and gather from thrift shopping.  I only spent $10 out of pocket this year on my mantel decor!  I bought a foil garland heart for the front door for a buck at Walgreens and a little decorative stem thing for the faux fern by my front door for another $1.50.  Not too shabby.  :)


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