Thursday, February 07, 2013

Crushing Milestones

Or perhaps I should say, "Chewing up milestones and spitting them out!" because Baby Doll's first tooth made an appearance on Tuesday.  I've only felt it though, because every time I try to get visual confirmation she makes this face:

Girlfriend has that tooth on lockdown. 

So here she is, seven months old and she's crawling, pulling up, CRUISING, has her first tooth, and last night?  She started clapping.  Crazy!  She also will wave bye-bye at herself, but not other people, so in my head I'm not counting it yet.

Doesn't she know she's just a little baby?  Doesn't she know she needs to slow down because she's my last baby, and I want to savor this time?  I mean, if she wants to skip all the bad parts of babyhood, by all means, be my guest!  But to cram all these milestones into a period of just a few weeks is too much.

Slow  down, Baby Doll.  You have time.



Blogger emily said...

It does go so fast doesn't it? My baby girl is turning one on tuesday and I cannot believe it. Your daughter is a cutie! I hope you are able to enjoy each moment as she speeds through her milestones:) BTW my sweetpea is doing the same thing when I try to look at her teeth. She only lets us see "accidentally" when she is crying!

6:58 PM  

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