Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DownEast Home and Clothing - Gilbert, AZ

This week I was invited to check out the new DownEast Home and Clothing store that opened a few miles from my house in the San Tan Shopping Center in Gilbert.  It's the first one to open in Arizona.  How lucky am I to have it so close?  Let me tell you...

I.  Am.  In.  LOVE!

They have both their own private label brands there as well as national brands (at 40-90% off national brand prices) that you wouldn't expect.  The stuff is really cute too!  Check out these:

Oh, if only my house was bigger and I had more of a decorating budget!

How perfect would this be in your favorite Anglophile's home?

They have all these great jewelry boxes from a big chain.  Yes, they're personalized, but the salesperson told us that the personalization is basically vinyl.  A little heat from a blow dryer to soften the adhesive, perhaps a little Goo Gone, and it would be plain and ready to use as is or to add your own vinyl personalization.  For over a $50 savings?  Heck yeah I'd do a little elbow grease!

They had tons of kids backpacks and lunch boxes from the same chain.  Again, they're personalized, but it is possible to find your child's name in the pile.  Of course, it could be in the wrong colors.  HA!

If I needed one, I'd either pull out the embroidery with a seam ripper or have my own embroidery done on a scrap of coordinating fabric and then applique that over the existing personalization.

Oh, and the clothes!  There's the great stuff you'd expect from DownEast as well as really high end brands here.  I found a top I'd admired at another chain that cost $100 for 60% off here.  For reals.

So, what did I take home?  I bought the sweetest little doll baby carrier to stash for next Christmas (Kelly will be into dolls eventually, right?) as well as this:

That pretty fabric "F" was a fraction of what it cost at it's original store.  Kick butt.  I also bought a pair of these:

These designer jeans were 60% off their original price!  I decided to treat myself and bought them a size small so I'd have something to work toward and reward myself for all the hard work I've been doing with my diet and exercise.  Normally I wouldn't buy colored jeans like that, but I'm trying to work outside of my comfort zone, you know?  I think they'll look great with a white tank and a navy cardigan, don't you?

To celebrate the new opening, DownEast is offering a chance to enter a “Shopping’s More Fun with Your Friends” giveaway from Friday, January 25, to Friday, February 8, 2013. Customers can register for the giveaway at the new DownEast Home & Clothing store in the San Tan Shopping Center in Gilbert. The giveaway will award one lucky winner a shopping spree valued at $200 and also present a $50 gift certificate to each of four friends selected by the winner. The winner does not have to be present at the time of the drawing on Saturday, February 9, to win.

You KNOW I entered, right?  ;)

In the interest of full disclosure, I was invited to attend this event with other bloggers, and I did receive product in compensation for my time.  However, all opinions I've posted here are my own.



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