Thursday, January 31, 2013

Seven Months!

Pictures this month didn't go very smoothly since somebody is crawling now.

She finds being asked to lay down (quelle horreur!!!) and still to be completely unacceptable now because not only is she army crawling all over the place, she's been pulling up now for about three weeks.

Not only is she pulling up, she started cruising a couple of days ago.

She's only SEVEN MONTHS OLD!!!

It's so frustrating to her, because she wants to be upright now at all times and those little seven month old legs just aren't strong enough to hold her up for as long as she wants.  As a result, she falls.  A LOT.  I have to be next to her at every moment, ready to catch her.  Sometimes she just slips and I'm not fast enough.  She keeps banging her head on stuff and it's freaking me out!

This means that either I have to listen to her complain loudly that I'm not letting her do what she wants, or I have to be with her every spare second.  To make matters worse, every single time this child bumps her head and starts crying, Bubba is right in my face demanding to know what happened even if he just watched it happen. The boy is relentless too.  "WhathappenedwhyisKellycryingdidshebumpherheadshe'scryingwhymomwhy

ARRGGGHHH!!!!!  It's just a season, right?

Sassypants baby.


Blogger Emma Frances said...

Oh my goodness she is adorable! My sweet baby is almost seven months but it sounds like she is not nearly as mobile as your little lady! I love these pictures! Now I have to go back and look at them from all of the previous months!!

10:23 AM  

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