Thursday, March 29, 2012

Project Life Update - Week of 3/11 to 3/17

Another week in the book, folks.

This was another week where I  didn't take very many photos.  It's fine though, because it works out that it makes the second page for the previous week's one pager, if that makes any sense!  I'm still feeling a bit cruddy, so most of the journaling was done on the typewriter because I was certain that my handwriting was going to look as cruddy as I felt.  I was pretty surprised when I went to do the box in the lower right corner to see it wasn't bad at all.

Does anyone else have "good handwriting days" and "bad handwriting days" like me, or are you lucky enough to have it look pretty consistent at all times?

I busted out my Dymo labeler after seeing Amber use hers last week.  I forgot I even had that thing!  The "week of" card was just thrown together in Photoshop.  I just made a 4" x 6" canvas and typed that on there and sent it to be printed with the rest of my photos.  When it came back, all I did was add the label to the bottom and write the date on there.  Done!

The quote card was another Pinterest find, which of course I can not find now.  Crap.  which I tracked down here!  YAY!  I love this quote.



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