Monday, March 26, 2012

And still... Sick.

While the boy is feeling loads better, despite his lingering cough, some of the rest of us aren't so much.  Specifically, me.  UGH.  I haven't had a fever over 99 degrees and since that's nothing really, I guess I'm not too bad.  I do have all the lovely miserable cold symptoms though, and since I've been coughing like a three-pack-a-day smoker since Saturday, my ribs are feeling pretty sore.  The coughing has also given me a headache.  Last night I got to coughing so bad I had to actually go sit on the couch so I could sleep upright!  

Since I don't have a fever, and since my cough sounds pretty much identical to my son's cough, I'm thinking it's just a run of the mill cold.  I still have my voice, so it's not laryngitis, which I learned is the adult version of croup.  I've had bronchitis before and it was MUCH worse than this so I don't see any reason to waste $45 on a doctor co-pay, you know?  I've just been trying to rest and drink lots of water and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. 

Thank goodness I have a three year old who is willing to literally spend all day in bed with me:

When I started to feel crappy we just laid there and hung out.  He played games on his iPhone while I read a book.  He called his dad and requested Jamba Juice (Chocolate Moo'd!!!) for lunch which I thought was an excellent idea.  He brought me books from his room and we took turns reading them to each other.  We played several games of Candyland and just hung out and chatted.  It was nice.

We missed a birthday party this weekend though, which was a bummer.  I felt bad for the kid since he'd been inside all week, so I let him ride his bike in the driveway yesterday afternoon.  Check him out:

That's my first video with the new phone. I'm impressed with how clear it is! The narrow screen is a bummer though.  He can put his feet up on the footrest now while he coasts.  He can coast to almost a complete stop without losing his balance.  He can go in circles and do a pretty sharp turn with his feet up too.  This is after about two months, and he rides it maybe once or twice a week?

I have to say, I've gone from never having heard of these last fall to being a total fan of the Strider Bike this spring.  It's freaking awesome and I've told a LOT of people about them.  A couple from down the cul de sac was out for a walk and the dad was just amazed at how fast Bubba was zipping up and down the sidewalk.  I told him all about it and he looked up the website on his phone right there on the spot.  I've heard the neighbor kids complain because they have training wheels and he doesn't and he's smaller than them.

Honestly, the only bad thing I can say about them is that someone from the company contacted me after I first talking about them asking me for a review to link to their website.  Now, I don't do a lot of reviews, but I will for a product I like, so I was down.  The only thing is, I feel like if you're asking me to help you make money, you should help me or my readers in some way too.  Just because I'm a stay at home mom with a blog doesn't mean my time is worthless, you know?  So I asked if in exchange for my review I could get a discount code for my readers.  A lot of blogs do this, and you get like 10% off or something.  Well, I never heard from the guy again.  I can understand if this is something you don't do, but at least have the courtesy to thank me for taking the time to respond and let me know that!  I felt it was totally rude.

Other than that?  The product is flipping awesome and I'd recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, dear! Being sick - particularly low grade, just not quite right sick is such a pain! Please don't feel guilty for taking time to heal - and please DO take all the time you need and/or can. Pushing yourself too far will just cause this to linger... and that's just not fun at all, at all!


6:22 PM  
Blogger emily said...

I had a cold like that when I was pregnant. It was awful and felt like it lingered for ever. Especially the cough. I hope you feel better soon!

7:08 AM  

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