Monday, August 01, 2011

Fantasy Birthday Wishlist 2011

It's my birthday month! In sixteen days, I'll be turning 34. That feels REALLY old to me because my own mother became a grandmother for the first time when she was 34. I know this is not the norm for most people, and in the grand scheme of things 34 isn't very old at all, but still. Dang.

Keeping with tradition (and because it's fun to dream sometimes) here is what I would be on my list of gifts I would like to receive if money were no object.

First and foremost - an upright freezer. Oh, how I would love to be able to buy food in bulk and on sale, and then be able to squirrel it away to be eaten at our leisure! How awesome would it be to be able to prep freezer meals ahead of time and whip them out on those nights I don't feel like cooking so that we don't fall back to wasting money on drive thrus or frozen pizza? If we do have another baby, I would really like to have a good, reliable place to store breast milk and still have room to have ice cream as well. Think of all the money we could save! You know, to pay off my hospital bills from last fall so we can be ready to have new hospital bills when we have another baby. :)

I know, there's a perfectly good freezer on our fridge. We have a side by side though so it's really small - just a little over a foot wide really. No way to put a sheet of anything in there to freeze in a single layer. It also fills up fast. Forget about having a little stockpile of freezer meals!

I know that chest freezers are way cheaper than uprights, but honestly, I wouldn't use it because a) I'm short and it is too hard to reach stuff on the bottom and b) you can't organize those things very well so it's hard to find what you want. They usually end up being a big jumble of old, freezer burned food. With an upright you can organize and see exactly what you have pretty much all at once.
A treadmill would be nice, seeing as how the temperatures here rival those in Hades a good half of the year. I haven't been running in months, because just walking from the front door to the car requires courage in 115 degree heat. I'm actually thinking about selling my BOB stroller and using the money to buy a used treadmill on Craigslist.

This is just pretty.

Fun fact - a bottle of perfume will last me about two years. Maybe longer, I'm not sure! I don't like walking around smelling like a French whore, as my mother would put it, so I never use more than one spritz a day. My bottle of this ran out this week, which is sad. I've been wearing Coco off and on since I was 13 years old and we hooked a bunch of samples from the Chanel boutique at the Biltmore Fashion Park. I was probably ditching school with my friend Mary. I can't think of anyone else in my circle of friends from the ghetto who would have been brave enough to walk into Chanel when we were 13!

And finally, the Vitamix. I've given up on my green smoothies because the blender, even with the slight upgrade to Frankenblender, just weren't doing the job. My "smoothies" were more like "chunkies" and that's just gross.

Last, but definitely not least, I'd sure like another one of these little guys. My goodness that boy was a cute baby, wasn't he?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday month! Great wish list...a mix of practical and fun and just so darn cute! (that's the last one by the way!) Your list reminds me of a Christmas a few years ago when I got a vacuum cleaner, then the next year a pots and pans set...that's when I realized I was a grown-up. I was getting practical items....and I loved them? Yes, I loved them and was so happy to receive them because of the help I knew they would provide. So wish never know when a stand up freezer of your own might be around the very next corner! ;)

4:51 AM  
Blogger Becky said...

I always love your b-day list because I'm usually putting together my b-day list at the same time!
Tops on my list this year is something you always rave about - the all clad pans. The Teflon has started coming of my hubbys old pans and it's FREAKING me out.
best of luck with that last item on your list. :)

4:59 AM  
Blogger Katy said...

Oh, man, was he ever cute! (still is)

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's an awesome and pretty practical birthday list! There is a group through yahoo called freecycle. You can post things you want and things you want to get rid of (for free). It's basically like craigslist, but free. I've seen many freezers and tredmills on there, you just have to pick them up. You can join here I hope you can score!

7:57 AM  
Blogger Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

it takes me forever to go through a bottle of perfume, too. it can last forever.

i'm praying for you that you get AT LEAST ONE of the fabulous items on your list. specifically that last one. with some yellow seersucker.

7:59 AM  

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