Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guess Who's Back?

Ah, my dear old friend Insomnia.

It's just a little after six in the morning and I've been up all night. I got up yesterday at about ten in the morning, fell asleep for about 30 minutes when I put the boy down for his evening nap at about six thirty, and have been up ever since. You know, it's crazy because I'm not even tired. I sat on the couch reading all night and watching bad court shows, followed by bad 80's cartoons. They still air Heathcliff and Inspector Gadget here during the wee hours of the morning. Who knew?

Oh yeah. The other insomniacs. Right.

I went ahead and took a nice long shower. You know the ones, where you not only get to use conditioner and shave your legs, but you actually have time to pumice your heels too? It was nice. I thought about going for a run, but since my knee's been acting up the last few days I decided to skip it. It doesn't hurt too bad now, but last night it was making this funny crunching/crackly sound when I bent/unbent it. Lame. Apparently it missed the memo that we're trying to NOT spend money on stuff so we can have a baby here soon. Stupid knee.

I think I will try to stay up another few hours so I can take my husband to work, that way I can have the car. I really need to go buy cages for my tomato plants. They're getting big and a couple are starting to lean a bit to the side, which worries me.

I think I'll go make my green smoothie and sit outside with it and a book while it's still cool enough to do so.

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Blogger Katy said...

Ah, I should have talked to you last night! Certain infants did not want to sleep (though were pleasantly not fussy).

10:10 AM  
Blogger Samara Link said...

It's a huge bummer that you're not sleeping now that you're off your pills. I'm sorry. It must be frustrating. I'm glad Penny and Brain were there to help you through this particular night though. :)

8:09 AM  

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