Monday, May 23, 2011

Bubba Fehling - Super Genius?

We have these wooden alphabet blocks that have pictures printed on the sides. Bubba was playing with them today when he held one up and said "AHRIMBA!" I looked over and said, no, that's a Xylophone. He looked at it again, held it in the air and said "AHRIMBA!" again. Slowly, I enunciated the word XY-LO-PHONE. He was insistent though. "AHRIMBA!"

Curious, I did a Google search for AHRIMBA, ORIMBA and ARIMBA. Nothing. Then, recalling Vicki Sue Robinson and Gloria Estefan and turning beats around, I typed in MARIMBA.


My husband and I looked at each other and laughed. He said, man, our kid is really smart!!!

Then we looked over at the boy. He had moved on to a block with a picture of an ice cream cone on the side, and was licking it.

Okay, maybe not that smart.



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