Sunday, May 22, 2011

Photo Blog Challenge - What's in YOUR fridge?

Laurel at Orange and Salt challenged her readers today to post a photo of the inside of their refrigerators - no running out to buy fancy things to impress people, no cleaning it out first, no rearranging to make things pretty. Just grab your camera and snap a photo. Since I make no secret of the fact that a big part of the reason why I blog and read blogs is to satisfy my voyeuristic tendencies curiosity about how others live, I knew I had to hop on this one.

I present to you, dear reader, my fridge:

There is no light in my fridge. There is one in the freezer, however, and that makes us opposite of most of America! HA! Here are the details:

1. Blue Moon. We don't drink beer, but we had company recently so we bought a six-pack.
2. Heavy cream.
3. Organic whole milk. We still give the boy whole milk because he has a skinny butt and is going through that toddler picky eating phase, so he can use all the calories he can get!
4. Organic 1% milk. I can't drink whole milk. It's so nasty! I feel like my mouth is coated with scum after drinking whole milk. GAG.
5. Some Cafe Mocha milk thing that my husband bought. Yuck.
6. Tahini
7. Lemon halves that probably need to be tossed, actually.
8. Organic vanilla yogurt. I use this to make waffles for the boy.
9. A half finished bottle of Pediasure. He has to get some nutrients somewhere!
10. A box with a pie crust from making quiche when I felt lazy.
11. Organic eggs. You gotta have eggs!
12. Tortillas. Storebought. Shameful.
13. YoToddler Yogurt. One of the few things the boy will readily eat on a regular basis. It has baby cereal mixed in for extra calories and nutrients.
15. The cheese basket. This contains mozzarella, Gruyère, Parmigiano Reggiano, and some extra sharp cheddar slices. There is also a little package of fresh basil in there that needs to be tossed.
16. Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Super Food. I love this stuff! I blend it with a cup of milk, a banana, and a couple of small handfuls of ice for breakfast.
17. Arugula and spinach from my garden, waiting to be made into a salad for lunch.
19. Cherry tomatoes for that salad. I don't eat them, but my husband does. I like cherry tomatoes because I can pick them out and they don't leave slime on my lettuce.
20. Extra arugula. I picked too much.
22. Leeks.
24. Self-Rising flour
25. Bread flour
26. Whole wheat pastry flour. Yup. I have a flour drawer!
27. Zucchini from the garden. I'm going to make some of Jaimee Rose's zucchini bread later today I think.
29. Parsley
30. Cilantro
31. Bell pepper. It's looking kinda sad.
32. Butter. I'm running low. That's my last box!
33. Dried cherries and cranberries. I use these for baking and they're lovely in salads that have bleu cheese of some sort. Mmm...Gorgonzola!
34. Walnuts.
35. Flax Seeds. It's better to buy them whole and grind them right before you use them.
36. Dried buttermilk powder. I never use a whole container of buttermilk when I need some for a recipe and so it goes to waste. I hate waste. I read about this stuff on Bake and Destroy and am forever in Natalie's debt because of it.
38. Ajinomoto brand Gyoza dipping sauce. I've tried lots of kinds, but after my own homemade dipping sauce, this is the best.
39. San J Organic Reduced Sodium Tamari. Low sodium and gluten free. I adore this soy sauce.
40. Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce. Cook some shrimp in this and have a happy, happy mouth. It's amazing.
41. Organic ketchup. I don't eat that stuff. GAG ketchup.
43. Hoisin sauce
45. Horseradish mustard. This is another husband thing, because I don't like mustard either.
46. Sake. I keep a teeny bottle like this on hand for cooking. Most of the bottle has been used on this.
47. Homemade applesauce.
48. Ghirardelli 60% cacao chocolate chips.
49. Ghirardelli white chocolate chips.
50. Yeast
53. Two bottles of salad dressing. Yet another condiment I won't eat.
54. Mayonnaise. Of course, the only one I will eat is the one that is the worst for me. This is why I'm a fat kid, folks.
55. Trader Joe's Midnight Moo. This is a husband thing. I told him if he did buy chocolate syrup, I'd prefer he picked one that was organic and made without high fructose corn syrup.
56. Smucker's Caramel sauce. Yeah. I know. I don't even remember WHY I bought this. Maybe I'll make it into ice cream just to use it up. Maybe I'll toss it since it's been in there for a while.
57. Two jars of salsa. Yet another husband thing because SURPRISE! I don't like salsa.
58. A jar of relish. I don't like that either.
59. Bacon fat. You know I like that. :)

So, there are the entire contents of my refrigerator! Now that I've shown you mine, I think you should show me yours. If you do a blog post, I'd love if you could link it in the comments so I can go check it out.

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Blogger Becky said...

Okay - first off, your fridge looks so clean and sparkly!! I'm hating the toddler picky eating phase too. Amazingly - my daughter eats those cherry tomatoes you don't like. And what do you do with bacon fat? I put mine in the fat collection coffee can and throw it out.

3:54 PM  
Blogger orange and salt said...

Your fridge made me hungry! Thanks for posting, I love this. :)

5:57 PM  
Blogger Kat said...

WOW between your super clean and neat fridge to the fact that you actually went through every item! to the fact that you HAVE FOOD lol. Ours is pretty much empty aside from a few condiments. I'm going to use the cute baby as my excuse but I wonder how much longer that will last?

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, your fridge has some fancy stuff in it. My fridge is so sad!
Thanks for visiting us today!

8:55 PM  

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