Saturday, May 14, 2011

100 Things: 21 - 30

Here's the why: (click here to see the why)

Here are happy things twenty one through thirty:

21. Pale blue little boy toenails. I was polishing my own and the boy was fascinated. He asked me to do his too, and I figured what the heck, right? It's so sheer, and no one will ever see them in his sneakers. He LOVED it and I actually got him to sit still for almost ten minutes to get them to dry!

I'd like to add, I'm happy that I have a husband who doesn't freak out about this sort of thing. I know a lot of guys would totally freak out if you painted their son's toenails. Nail polish does not "turn" people gay. Sheesh.

22. My son's awesome golf swing. I bought him this putter thinking it would keep him occupied in the back yard. He wants to hit the ball so bad, but he gets all excited and tangles up his arms in each other. Tiger Woods he is not.

23. This is how he unwinds after a bath. Those are his Tickle Monster hands. :)

24. My first harvest - arugula. Yup, I sure did Google the proper way to pick it too.

25. Roast pork tenderloin served on a bed of that arugula that I grew myself, thank you very much!

26. Leftover roast pork tenderloin on homemade bread with more arugula from my garden that I literally picked minutes before. This gardening thing is so cool.

27. Strawberries! My friend Brian gave me his old food dehydrator. It doesn't have instructions, so I'm going with his (consisting of "What is so hard about loading stuff into it and pluging it in?") If it doesn't work out, well... at least I didn't have to fork out the cash for the dehydrator! HA!

28. This little red headed bird that comes to visit in our yard. I'm used to only seeing black, gray, and brown birds, so that bright little red head is a welcome visitor!

29. A full cookie jar. So much happier than an empty one, no?

(It's closer to empty than full today. WHOOPS!)

30. Someone got up too early and decided to make himself a little bed on the couch. Not long after this, I decided, what the heck? And I laid down at the opposite end to snooze with him. I love having a couch that we can all not only fit on, but we can stretch out and nap on too!

PS. That is not an orb. It's dust. I hate when people talk about orbs in pictures, because it's DUST.


Blogger BMT said...

What a great reminder that we shoud all stop and remember the happy things in life!

6:54 AM  
Blogger April said...

And Bubba at the piano, with nothing on but tickle hands .... it's so cute it's PAINFUL!

6:01 PM  

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