Saturday, May 21, 2011

100 Things: 31 - 40

31. There's this little area of our backyard that is sort of sunken for some reason, and it fills up with water every morning when the sprinklers come on. The water soaks into the ground by afternoon, but while it's full in the morning the birds have a grand old time playing in there.

32. The tomatoes have blossoms!!! Just the Romas though, and not all of them. Still, that was a VERY exciting discovery to make.

33. We bought the boy a wading pool. He calls it the "big blue circle" because to him, a pool is a big thing in the ground! He was being weird though and didn't want to actually sit in the water.

34. Doing his best Al Bundy impression.

35. I ran twice this week. In spite of my knee, in spite of all my various body aches, I forced myself to do it.

36. Finished projects. WOO HOO!

37. The boy trying to give me kisses through the window.

38. Telecommuting husband, even if he is all scowly.

39. Hummingbirds!

40. The boy likes the pillow I made a couple of days ago. He was draped over it, fast asleep.


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