Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's In My Bag?

Busy Bee Lauren asked, "What's in your bag?" over on her blog today. I haven't done one of those posts since I was carrying a gigantic diaper bag, so I thought it would be fun.

1. Pretty little pink purse. Authentic Kate Spade, and I only paid $6 for it at... wait for it... Goodwill!
2. EOS lip balm. This stuff is awesome!
3. Yogurt covered raisins for my boy.
4. Aveda Hand Relief. Probably the best hand lotion I've ever tried.
5. Antibacterial wipes. I go to Goodwill a lot, and everything isn't necessarily as clean as I'd like.
6. My keys. There are photos of a very tiny Bubba in the photo holder. I know there are lots of rhinestones missing from the Coach keychain, but I got it on a road trip to Disneyland a long time ago so it's sort of sentimental. My husband bought me the pink house key as a surprise. :)
7. Tiny plastic pill holder. I have Tylenol, Advil, and Excedrin in there just in case of headaches, as well and a couple Zoloft in case I leave the house and forget to take one. There is also a Xanax just in case of emergency. I don't like the way they make me feel though, so it would have to be a pretty bad emergency!
10. iPhone in a very cracked pink cover. Thanks, Bubba! Seriously though, it's a good argument why you should have a cover on these. I shudder to think of what might have happened without it!
11. Prada wallet. Yes, it's small. I don't carry much in it - a credit card, my debit card, my driver's license, a few loyalty cards, my husband's business card in case of an emergency. I used to carry a giant wallet with EVERYTHING in it, but realized that not only is that dumb in case it gets stolen, it's kind of unnecessary.

That's pretty much it. Sometimes I'll toss my camera in there. If we go out somewhere, I'll take a diaper and the travel container of wipes and just leave them in the car. Occasionally you'll find a Michael's or Joann coupon in there too.

I sewed a new mat for my table yesterday. I've been using my seed packets as decor until I plant them! :) The faux forsythia was on sale at Joann and looks perfect in the pitcher I found for a dollar at the Junior League Rummage Sale. I know this is kind of random. I wanted to post it on here but it wasn't enough for a blog post on it's own.

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Blogger Beach Bum & Baby said...

Love this post! I really need to try the EOS lip balm!!

I actually did a post like this with what's in my make up bag today! So fun! ;)

6:48 PM  

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