Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lucky Number Seven

Seven years ago today, we got married.

That makes today our lucky seventh anniversary! Yay!

So far, just three hours into the day, the dog has puked on the freshly cleaned kitchen floor and my husband stepped on a good sized piece of glass (who knows where it came from!) and bled all over the same floor. Worst of all, some little boy climbed into the desk chair and onto the desk where he was able to reach my camera that was sitting on the shelf above. You guessed it - the shutter is now broken. This means I no longer have a camera.

Y'all, I seriously want to cry. My camera was nothing big, or fancy, but I used it so much! Even worse, we're going into the holiday season. I'm not going to have pictures of him on Halloween. No record of moving into where ever it is we decide to move. No snapshots on Christmas morning. All I will have are crappy phone pictures, and I can't even take those at night. I can't even begin to think about replacing it either due to the move and the car repainting that are coming up here soon.

I know it's a stupid thing to be upset about, because there are people in the world right now dealing with bigger issues and sadder losses. I just really really really wish he hadn't done it. I know - heck of a romantic anniversary blog post, huh?

Hopefully the rest of the day will be luckier.


Blogger Danea Burleson said...

Hey, I totally feel your pain. I have a little loaner I can send you. It's an older point and shoot of Jeff's, hasn't been used in years but it actually has some changeable lenses for zooming and such. Let me pull it out and give it a run through- make sure it's in working order and if so, and your interested, I'll get it out to you tomorrow.

8:12 AM  
Blogger Becky said...

Aw, that really sucks, I'm so sorry to hear it. Happy anniversary anyway. Hope the rest of the day is better!

8:38 AM  
Blogger Maggi said...

Something will have to happen by then, there is no way you can go through all that time with no camera. I saw a lot on clearance at Walmart; nothing special, but some were less than $50.

9:45 AM  
Blogger Katy said...

Congrats on 7 years and I'll be hoping you win one of those Pioneer Woman Cameras she's always giving away!

9:59 AM  
Blogger Marissa said...

Happy Anniversary!

Sorry about the rocky start to your day!

10:12 AM  
Blogger Kat said...

Happy anniversary! What a super cute picture of you two :) So sweet! Sucks about the camera wicked bad. Any chance it's still under warranty? Or maybe there's a local place that might fix it for cheap?

2:35 PM  
Blogger Samara Link said...

What a morning! You're right. By comparison, there are millions of people out there dealing with way bigger issues, but I totally get being upset about a broken camera. That stinks! On the flip side, happy anniversary to you guys!! I hope the day looks up soon. :)

2:55 PM  
Blogger Samara Link said...

p.s. Speaking of pictures, I like the background of the one taken on your wedding day. Where was this taken?

2:56 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm sorry about the crappy start to your day ... hope it ended much better.

Happy Anniversary!

12:04 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Hello fellow Arizonian! :-) Happy Anniversary! How exciting! It sure is never fun to start the day off crappy!

7:13 AM  

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