Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bits and Pieces

While the skinny fashion bloggers may get excited for the September issues of their favorite magazines, this fat kid gets her mailbox joy from the October/November/December ones.

These came in the mail today and I'm super excited to get a chance to look through them. Also, in other news...

My mantel post was featured on House of Hepworth's blog today! How cool is that?


I managed to locate a second cheese dome on Monday. I actually found it at the same Goodwill where I found the first one. As soon as I can find a candlestick that I like for the base, I will be making a second cloche. I decided that I wanted a white one for the kitchen. This means I'm itching to hit some Goodwills here soon. Yay!


Blogger Kat said...

LOL @ your magazine comment! I just got my issue of Good Housekeeping that I'm wicked excited for

8:31 AM  

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