Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recipe Eighteen - Asian Style Steamed Salmon

It's been a while since I made anything out of my Food Revolution cookbook. I stopped trying out new recipes with only four left on my list of ones that I wanted to try. That's pretty much a shame, so I got on the wagon again with the recipe for Asian-Style Steamed Salmon on page 250.

Luckily, I found a piece of ginger stashed in the freezer, because the one in the fridge looked like this:

Um... yeah. Guess it's been there for a while! I have to remember to put them in the freezer when I don't use them right away!

I served this with a simple rice pilaf. I think my piece of salmon was bigger than the one used in the recipe because I had to steam it for twice as long as the directions stated. Since my mom hates all seafood except tuna fish on saltines, and my husband isn't much of a fan of salmon, I've probably cooked salmon less than a dozen times in my whole life. Even better, this is the first time I've ever bought salmon that had the skin on. I've never ordered it in a restaurant and had it served that way either, so I honestly had no clue if you were supposed to eat the skin.

I know.

So, because I have no pride, I took to Twitter where my tweeps told me that no, I should not in fact eat that skin. Good to know!

This was also the first time I've had broccolini. First of all, I had the hardest time even finding any! I looked everywhere. Even Whole Foods let me down. I finally tracked some down at Trader Joe's. It said it was baby broccoli on the package and I figured it was close enough. For all the trouble it gave me in locating it, I ended up not liking it very much. It was bitter. I don't know if it was a bad bunch, or if it was from cooking it too long, or what, but I didn't like it.

The dressing for this is what made it taste good. Unseasoned salmon steamed over plain water isn't very tasty at all! Pour a bit of the dressing on it however, and it's a whole new meal. The rice was a good accompaniment as it soaked up additional dressing.

Would I make this again? Probably not, as I have issues with fish smell. I know it's good for me, but the thought that my house and my clothes and my body smell like fish is hard to shake. If you don't have those issues, however, it is a tasty dish and well worth the effort!

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