Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jewel Pops

My blowdryer died a couple of months ago (yet another victim of Summer Suckfest 2010) and I've been putting off replacing it. I had that thing for about eleven or twelve years! It was a cheap $14 Vidal Sasson number I picked up at Target that would not die. I kept hoping it would so that I could get a nicer one, but it refused and held out until I was broke.

Well, we decided that today we would go look for one. I wanted to get this one I saw on Kevin and Amanda but was having a really hard time finding it. My husband suggested poking our heads into Ross and TJ Maxx while we were out, when I came across these:

Um... yes please! I posted about the larger Groovy Green ones I was wanting before. My husband actually ordered them for me but according to Amazon they won't arrive until mid-September, which is pretty lame. Luckily for them it's still stupid hot here then and will be for another month afterward, so it's not a terribly big deal, but still.

The thing about the green ones was that a lot of the reviews commented on how big they were. I worried about that when it came to giving popsicles to the Bub, but I figured we would just share. I had seen these smaller jewel molds and actually almost ordered them, but decided that it wasn't necessary. I am sure glad I didn't order them now! Check out the price:

Woo hoo! They run more than twice that on Amazon if you include shipping. We were heading out for my annual Benihana birthday dinner tonight, so before we left these got a quick wash in hot, soapy water. I had some of my Mexican mango sorbet left in the freezer, so I let it soften on the counter for a bit and then spooned it into the molds. They got stuck in the freezer to harden while we were gone.

I could NOT get the camera to focus on the one in my hand instead of the ones on the counter. Anyway, you can see how nice and small they are. The handle is a bit like a Ring Pop's handle.

They are the perfect size for little men! I feel good about giving him these, which are mostly pureed fruit, as opposed to the ones from the grocery store that are all high fructose corn syrup, sodium benzoate, and artificial dyes and flavorings.

He loved it. :)

Oh, and I finally found that dang hair dryer at Ulta after checking Target, Walmart, CVS, Bed Bath and Beyond, Ross, and TJ Maxx. I double checked on my phone while we waited in line to be sure it wasn't cheaper online somewhere before I bought it! Gotta love the iPhone, I tell you. There was one site that had it for $4 cheaper even including shipping, but for that small of an amount I'd rather have the instant gratification. I'm impatient like that.

I tried it tonight and it was pretty cool. I ended up looking like I had a lot more hair for some reason after I was done, but it wasn't all frizzy like when I usually blow dry it. I guess you could say my hair had more body to it? It's definitely easier to use than trying to wield a brush and a traditional blowdryer at the same time. I only had to flat iron the ends of my hair to flip them under a bit and the short bangs near my temples. Not bad! Thanks Amanda!

Legal mumbo jumbo: I wasn't compensated for my opinions on either of these items. I bought them both with my own money just because I wanted to buy them.



Blogger Heather said...

We frequent Ross a lot but I've never seen those! Which one did you go to? Too cute!!

6:46 AM  

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