Saturday, April 10, 2010


I been shoppin' for old stuff again.

We hit the Antique Plaza on Main in downtown Mesa. This place is huge and has two levels! It's amazing how much old crap was crammed in there. I brought home some more pretties. Behold:

A milk glass planter/vase, a gold rimmed milk glass bowl, a milk glass reamer, a milk glass bowl/dish, a vintage apron, a cheese slicer, and a gold rimmed (supposedly 22kt?) milk glass egg plate. Well, I didn't buy the egg plate there. We drove by another parking lot sale and that's where I got it. It had a three dollar sticker on it, which made me very excited because on eBay these things go for about ten usually. I picked it up, and before I even had a chance to say anything the seller was like, "TWO BUCKS!!!" What was I going to do, argue? I shouted back, "SOLD!"

I got the gold rimmed bowl because it matched and was only $3. The planter was marked down to $2, the apron was seven, and the cheese slicer that is reminiscent of a wee coping saw (which is in perfect condition, like it was never used) was $2.50. The square-ish dish matches one I bought at Bookman's several months ago and was also marked down to $2.50. There were two more in the booth but they were marked $4.50 so they got left behind because I am CHEAP.

But the best find? That citrus reamer. I saw it the minute we walked in the door. There's a big stairwell that leads to the basement, and it was on a shelf down there. I had my husband go see what the price on it was, and it turned out to be only $8!!! Take that, you crack smoking, $65 dollar charging antique vendors at the other place!!! It's pretty too - much nicer than the ones that say Sunkist on the side that I've been finding. I'm so happy with it!

The only thing that I saw, did not get, and now can't stop thinking about was this silver toast rack I saw in the basement. I know, random, but I really want one! (it looked exactly like this) They're pretty spendy, even on eBay. This one was priced okay, at $16.50, but that was more than the $10 I told myself was the limit for that item. Boo. It was actually the only one I've ever come across before.

We were going to go to the Old Town Farmer's Market in Scottsdale, but between getting a late start and having to hunt like fools for someplace decent to eat breakfast, we pretty much missed it. There was an hour left, but we figured, based on what we saw last time, that it would be pretty much picked over at that point so we skipped it. Instead, we went to Anthropologie at the mall where I got these:

Aren't those teeny latte bowls just the cutest thing? I wanted little red ones too, but they only had them in the larger size. Boo. I got them in the colors I've been thinking about this week - turquoise, yellow, and green. Red would have completed the collection. I think they look nice all stacked up on that cake stand. That tan flower pot has GOT to go though. Yuck.

(I am so smitten with the ceramic egg crate. Makes me wish I had chickens so I could justify it!)

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Blogger em said...

I bought some of those little Anthro bowls when they were on clearance. Of course now I like this season's colors better, but whatever! They are too cute! :)

7:27 AM  
Blogger Suzy said...

Glad you found the citrus squeezer-I did not have one in my stash!

2:39 PM  
Blogger Samara Link said...

Nice milk glass score. Wow! Beautiful stuff. The reamer (I didn't know that's what they called) is awesome. Way cuter then my white and clear plastic one from Pampered Chef. :) Also, I really like your new stacking-display stuff. I see you incorporated a little bit of turquoise-soft teal into your kitchen. Your on your way!

7:48 PM  
Blogger Katy and Chris said...

C'mon...I'm sure the apartment would let you get just a COUPLE chickens. ;)

Great finds!

5:58 AM  

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