Friday, April 09, 2010

Stand and Deliver

I blogged about color in my kitchen yesterday. You know what's funny? All my plates and serving ware are white. Plain, old white porcelain. This is actually a big step up for me, because my last set of dishes before these were all CLEAR GLASS. How's that for not wanting to commit to a color scheme lest I change my mind and nothing matches anymore???

Yeah, I have issues.

Anywho, one of the things I find myself looking at more and more these days are cake pedestals. I mean, why put your cake on a plain old plate when you could elevate and display it? Sure, I have the standard clear Anchor Hocking one that you can flip upside down to make into a punchbowl, but I've been wanting something purty. The thing that stops me from buying any though is practicality - what on EARTH do I need multiple cake stands for? And where am I going to store them?

Then I saw this post on Stephanie Nielson's blog and had a total "duh" moment. I have a hutch. It's not that big, and it's not a built in, but it would hold plates like this. So now I'm daydreaming about cake pedestals again.

I'd really like a bright red one, like this Signature Now & Then 9 inch red cake pedestal.

They had one that was sort of similar at Target a while back, only without the nice beading detail, but of course I didn't get it because I didn't think I needed it then. Silly me.

Then I started to think, what if I did go ahead and just buy things that made me happy? I think the blue of this milk glass cake pedestal that I found on eBay is so pretty.

Of course, the one that I really really really want, the one that I've been looking for in thrift shops and antique stores is the Fenton Hobnail cake pedestal.

I don't even particularly care for hobnail, but on this piece, it's okay. The thing that makes it stand out to me though is that ruffled edge. Also, it's vintage milk glass, and you know how I love me some milk glass. To be completely honest, I've come across it once, but it was $80 and I don't have that sort of cheddar to be throwing around on stuff I don't necessarily need, so it stayed in the store.

Too bad.

I do have this lovely though:

It was a gift from my former boss. It is also milk glass, and now lives on my hutch. I'm trying to think of what to put on top of it while it's not holding a cake.

Heck, I should probably just go bake a cake, huh?

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Blogger Katy and Chris said... the red one. Super cute.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Samara Link said...

So many pretty things. What a great idea to use them for display like that. Some people are so clever.

p.s. Your opening paragraph is pretty funny. :)

2:24 PM  

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