Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 2010 Twelve of Twelve

It's that time of the month again, folks! If you want to play along, and you're on Facebook, you can join the 12 of 12 group to get reminders the day before. I used to ALWAYS forget, but now I do a better job thanks to Susan!

Me. First thing in the morning, no makeup. Up and at 'em!

Some baby didn't want to be up and at 'em yet, but we had stuff to do! Sorry kid!

(I know my bedding doesn't match. It's so ghetto. I bought the duvet cover and pillow shams after falling in love with them. Then I realized after the fact that it's almost impossible to find ORANGE bedding. I think I'm going to get all white sheets and a white bed skirt, but I'm not sure. I'm hoping to find orange satin pillowcases too. We'll see.)

We had a playdate this afternoon at a place called Marley Farms. They board horses and have a great petting zoo made up of rescued animals. It's really random what they have out there. For instance, here we have a pair of camera shy llamas. They kept coming up to us when they'd hear our paper sack of critter grub rustling, but as soon as I'd pull out the camera to take their photo, they'd both run away! It was so funny, but I finally was sneaky enough to get a shot.

I found a nice, little goat for the baby to pet. My assumption was that a smaller goat would be a better match for my smaller boy. I would have been wrong in that assumption though! Not two seconds after I took this picture, that goat turned to my small boy and head butted him, knocking him to the ground! He didn't hit him very hard, and the baby wasn't hurt, but it scared him pretty bad. That goat was a bully! I later watched him terrorizing the bigger goats in there too, so I guess he had a bit of a Napoleon complex.

Some of the other randoms there included a camel, an emu, a miniature cow with a big hump on it's back, lots of donkeys, the llamas, a sheep, and a zebra! The zebra was hilarious. It would kick any other animals who tried to come in the pen while we were feeding it. It was seriously doing the whole bucking and kicking with it's hind legs! There was one little donkey that was half his size who decided to fight back. It was funny to watch, but I didn't want anyone to get hurt so we moved on to the next pen.

Bubba posed for some photos in front of the flower bed.

After we left the farm, I decided to go poke around some thrift stores. Since the baby pretty much passed out before we drove out the gates, I decided to go all the way up into Mesa so he could sleep for a while. I saw this sign on a street corner and thought it was funny. If I had been able to tell who was going to do the push ups, I would have probably honked.

Public art in Downtown Mesa. These statues are HUGE! You can see a woman taking a photo of them down in the lower left corner, to give you a sense of scale.

I saw these at one of the thrift shops I visited. Times sure have changed, huh?

Once we got home, Bubba got right down to business playing with his cars. This is, hands down, his absolute favorite activity.

I sat down with my phone and a book while dinner was in the oven. What was for dinner?

Frozen fish and red potatoes with parmesan and rosemary. Boring, I know, but I was tired! Apparently so was the boy, because we found him later in the evening passed out in front of the bookshelf in our bedroom. :)

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Blogger Samara Link said...

Good for you for doing this. I keep meaning to ... You know how it goes.

Anyway, your play date at the petting zoo looks like so much fun! Good for you for doing it. I know Sawyer won't actually remember these things, but it's so cool for you and him to do things like this together. That face that he's making at the zebra is priceless! Also, I'd love to hear a little about Fast Food Nation if you have thoughts to share on it. I've been meaning to pick that up for awhile now. Let me know if it's worth the time.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Samara Link said...

p.s. I like your orange and white duvet cover! It's beautiful. And it's not ghetto that your sheets don't match. It would be ghetto if you were going w/o sheets! White sheets with accent orange pillows sound great! But hey, these things take time.

10:05 AM  
Blogger Christy said...

Great 12 of 12! I think orange sheets would be fabulous- check JC Penney! Love the cherries on your blog.

5:16 PM  
Blogger Hooptee said...

Great photos! love the petting zoo shots.

2:11 PM  

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