Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 2009 Twelve of Twelve

Many thanks to Susan once again for the Facebook reminder! I've been doing so much better with this now that she's doing that. It's a good thing too, because we had a really full day!

First thing on the agenda - it was time to take the Bubs for his first haircut. This was his "before" photo. His hair grew in very uneven, so that the sides of the top area were really long and he was starting to get a curly mullet of sorts in the back. I know this is in total odds against most moms, but I don't really care for curls on boys. They weren't really growing on me any either.

This is his "after" photo. It's so weird seeing him with a big kid haircut! We took him to a place called Snip-Its. The stylist was really good - very patient and very good at getting it even despite all the head swiveling that was going on. He didn't cry or fuss at all! Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for the kid in the next station, hence all the head swiveling. Bubba really wanted to see who was doing all the screaming. He's kind of a nosy baby like that!

He was given a Dum Dum Pop by the stylist, so he got to experience another first - his first sucker. I gave it to him while his dad was waiting to get his hair cut a few doors down. I was NOT prepared for the drool! He was sitting on my lap, calmly working on that sucker, when I happened to look down and see it running down his shirt and then puddling on his lap where it was starting to overflow down onto the ground. I grabbed him and took him outside to finish. He got about halfway through it before losing interest. The nice lady who was cutting my husband's hair let us use their bathroom and lent me a towel so I could clean him up. He was a seriously sticky mess!

When we got home, his dad gave him a bath because we were going to meet Miss Cicely to get our family photos taken!

First off though, we had to eat. We went to Einstein's where Bubba had half a banana and a whole lot of bread and cheese. We hadn't eaten there in a long time, so it was a nice treat!

We headed over to downtown Tempe to take photos. Bubba was a serious walking fool. He did NOT want to be carried at all and would start fussing and squirming if you didn't put him down. Of course, this meant we all moved really slowly from place to place, but it was worth it to see him stomping around Centerpointe. In this picture he's leading Cicely over towards the fountains.

I tried to take a self portrait. It wasn't in me that day, because they all turned out awful like this one. BLAH.

We were all worn out by the time we got home, so we were bad and got takeout for the second time that day. We go weeks without eating out and then blow it in one day!

My husband had brought in some of the suction cups used to hang the baby shades in the car. He was going to see if they would stop the sliding glass doors on the tv stand from opening, but they were too small. The baby found them and was chewing on them. He handed me one that was covered in slobber, so I stuck it to his forehead. I couldn't believe that it stayed! He thought this was the best game ever so we actually did this for about ten minutes before he wandered off.

A little later I started a new Christmas craft. I had seen these Eddie Ross ornament wreaths all over the Internet, so I figured, what the heck. I got this huge bin of plastic ornaments for ten bucks at Target because someone had opened the package and they had to retape it shut. I got the wire hanger from Cicely because we just don't dry clean anything! The baby helped me by handing me ornaments. I ended up being a little bit short of enough ornaments, but I just covered the blank spot on the hanger with a big bow, because I'm ghetto like that.

His dad went out with some of our friends to celebrate their December birthdays, while Bubba and I chilled at home. I had some change in my bag, so I got that out for him. We have this 5 gallon water cooler bottle that my mom gave me in our living room. It's really cool, because it's super old and made from very thick glass. We joke around that it's Bubba's college fund. I taught him how to drop coins in there, so now whenever you give him a coin and tell him it's money, he'll take it and drop it into the jar. We're planning to put a roll of nickels into his stocking. :)

I was digging through my pile of unread magazines (there are SO MANY, it's out of control!) and I found this! YAY! I read it while the baby played with his toys. Afterwards, we went to bed at the early (for us) hour of ten thirty.

It's so exciting around here - can you even stand it???

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Blogger Hooptee said...

Looks like a fun day! Would love to see your finished "ghetto" wreath!

Sami has some of the baby mullet going on also, but I'm refusing to cut it. I wanna put pigtails in already!! Sawyer looks so cute with his new 'do.

7:58 AM  

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