Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today started out so well.

I slept in with the baby, we all hung out this morning, then I put him down for a nap and had a little nap myself, then I showered (and even got to shave my legs!!!), gave one dog a bath and clipped the other one's nails, and then we decided to go run some errands.  Specifically, I needed a new bra, since this having a baby business really changed some things around!

So we load up the baby, swing by the Jack in the Box drive through to grab some mini sirloin burgers (yippie-yi-yo, Jack), and head to our first stop - returning some movies to Blockbuster.  That done, we head over to Target because I don't want to spend a bunch of money on a bra that will probably only fit right for a month or two.

When we got there, I noticed they had a LOT of stuff that had just been put on clearance.  Also, there were a lot of cute dresses out.  Generally, when I go to Target I avoid the clothing area because I don't really need new clothes, seeing as how I stay at home and don't see anyone but the baby and my husband most days.  Also, because I'm staying at home, I've been watching what we spend and trying to only buy things we need.  

Lately though, I find myself wishing I had more dresses.  I have three, and two are too dressy for just hanging out at home or going shopping.  I decided to try on a few, because hey - trying things on is free!  I was still on my high from fitting into my smaller blouse this morning, so I picked out seven dresses to try.  Before I had the baby, I was wearing an XL and a 14 was starting to fit me tight.  Today though - I tried on L and twelves and EVERY THING I TRIED FIT!!!  I was so ecstatic!  Life was good!

I ended up picking out two dresses.
This cute pink shift, which, due to my being vertically challenged, is NOT that short on me.  I like that it's a really classic, structured piece, and it's not black like all my other dresses.  The white collar actually has a very fine gold thread through it which is a nice detail.  The Target website has it listed for $44.99, but I only paid $31.24.  Kick butt.

I also ended up getting this cap-sleeved dress.  I was really doubtful about this one, because the bottom has elastic and comes in a bit.  You can't really tell too much in this photo.  Also, it doesn't have any sort of definition at the waist, which is usually a really bad thing on my body.  The kicker here, believe it or not, is that it actually looks better on me than on the model!  When does that ever happen, seriously?  I like that it's just a simple dress that I can wear to the mall or the park or around the house.   The Target website has it listed for $24.99, but I got it off the clearance rack for just $12.

I say again, kick butt!

So then I head over to bras.  Apparently, after much trial and error, I'm coming in these days at a DD.  Target carries some DD bras, but for the most part, they're scary old lady bras that practically come up to your neck and have fifteen closures up the back.  I'm thinking, you're kidding, right?  So much for that idea.  My husband suggests that we check Kohls, so we go there and encounter the same situation.  Cute bras stop at a single D.

Well, my friend had suggested Avenue for bigger sized bras.  First off, I got some DIRTY looks from the women in that store, because obviously, I'm a bit small to be shopping in there.  I checked out the bra section, and while they had DD, they started at 40!  Too big!

Finally I sucked it up and went to Victoria's Secret.  I tried on eight bras, and found one that fit.  I also got sized and discovered I was pretty much on the money with what size I needed, which was cool, or would have been if I had been able to score a Target $15 special in that size.  

Ah well.

So we get back in the car and Bubba decides that the good mood he's had all day is over now.  He screamed all the way home, he screamed while we fixed his dinner, he screamed during his dinner and he screamed while refusing his bananas.  Then, as I'm walking through the hall, I notice that the AC has started to leak in there.  The table in my hall full of family photos and cookbooks was DRENCHED.  My frames are ruined.  I haven't even looked at the cookbooks yet - I'm too upset.  I had my husband take them off the shelf. 

It had leaked last week and I thought my husband had called for service but apparently he decided he didn't need to call since it had stopped.  It only seems to be leaking at night, and I'm mad that he didn't call, and I'm mad that I didn't just do it myself, and I'm mad that my photos are ruined, and I'm mad that my frames are ruined too, and I'm scared that my cookbooks are ruined, and I'm mad this could have been prevented, but it wasn't.  The only saving grace right now is that those photos weren't originals, but scans I had made and placed in the frames.

So, my good morning of happy family and skinniness has devolved into a cranky night from a leak and ugly/ill fitting bras and a cranky baby.  It's 10:10 and I still haven't had dinner either.  BLAH!

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Blogger Sherrie said...

That stinks! So sorry that happened to you

8:19 AM  
Blogger Samara Link said...

I hope your cookbooks are okay! That stinks. But your new dresses (and size) make for great feel good news. As far as bras go, I recently gave up on VS because even at a D, they don't make many cute bras and they're so expensive. If you decide to try again, I strongly suggest Macy's where you can get a good bra for $30 and they often have sales that are buy one, get one free. Also, when Lindsay went from big to bigger in that department, I took her to JCPenny's and she found some cute ones at a super reasonable price. They had a much better DD selection then Kohls. Glad you got one that fits. That's so important!!

10:11 AM  
Blogger Susanne P. said...

first....woo hoo on your clothes/sizes. that is such an amazing feeling.

second....bra shopping sucks ass!

third....thank god those pictures were scanned. i might have had to cry with you.

fouth....i know how loosing a good cookbook can feel and i hope they can get dried out OK.

10:44 AM  
Blogger mademoisellechitchat said...

Dear Sarah:

Thanks for the kind comments on my blog.

GIRL, take your booty to ROSS. Seriously, if you haven't worn those dresses, and you feel a smidgen of guilt on the prices, go to Ross, find you some dresses (DIRT CHEAP - for what you paid on one at TARJAY, you could have gotten 2, and designer (i.e. Max Studio or Liz Claiborne). They have so many cotton dresses that are beautiful.

Hang in there!

3:42 PM  
Blogger Miss Anne said...

i HATE bra shopping!


but so glad you found some! and those dresses??? i die! cuteness!

sorry to hear about the leakage, that sucks! but remember that you can replace the cookbooks.

hoping tomorrow is a better day for you sweet pea! xoxo

10:10 PM  
Blogger Hooptee said...

I hope all your stuff is okay, that really sucks!! And hopefully sawyer has been much happier the rest of the weekend.

Bra shopping totally sucks, but I can't wait to do it and wear a real bra again. Nursing bras are horrible and I'm so sick of wearing them!!

5:39 AM  
Blogger kingsqueen said...

Sorry about your day turning to crap. We've all been there. I'm relieved for you, too, that your photos were just scans. I would be inconsolable if I had lost originals or couldn't replace them. Be sure to flip through your cookbook pages before they dry and stick together. You may be able to salvage most of them if you can keep the pages from sticking.

6:58 AM  
Blogger Sweet Simplicity said...

Love the pink dress! In fact I looked for it in my size this past weekend at Target, but didn't have any luck. Gotta love a good clearance!

9:09 AM  

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