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3" x 3" Mini Book - Version two

This is the version of the mini book that I ultimately ended up using for my Present to Myself book. I made a few adaptations to the original, basic design to make it a little bit more polished. This is the end result:

The first thing I did was lay out my pages in Photoshop. I resized the photos (which I gleaned from my blog), added text, and embellished with a pretty digital brush I found for free online. I put each individual page onto one document and printed them all out at the same time.

Each "page" is 2 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches square.

I cut them out so that I had two pages attached together, so they ended up 2 1/2" by 5". Of course, you could skip this step and just cut out plain pieces of paper to decorate in the traditional way, same as in the last album.

Take all of your pages, and fold them in half.

In addition to your pages, cut two blank pages in the same size for the front and the back of the book. Fold those in half as well.

Now, you are going to take your first two folded pages...

and glue them together using a gluestick. You could use another type of adhesive if you like, but I'd caution you to be sure that it goes completely edge to edge, because if you don't, your book will not be as sturdy.

Close all the pages and roll over them with a brayer, to be sure they're completely adhered together. Do this with all the pages, placing the one of the blank ones at the front and the back.

Stupid blogger turning my pictures sideways. Grrr.

Anyhow, make sure that the folded edges on the spine are all lined up evenly. It is more important that the spine be even than any other part of the book. Trust me on this one!

Make sure none of your pages are stuck together. Let them dry for a few minutes to be safe.

Measure your spine. Depending on how many pages you decided to add to this, it will be different. Mine ended up exactly 1/4 of an inch wide.

I took a scrap of patterned cardstock and cut it to 12" by 3". Using a centering ruler, I found the center, and then marked off 1/4" in the center.

I scored them lightly...

and then folded it to create the spine on the cover.

Next I measured three inches from the edge of the spine, scored it, and folded the ends in to make my flaps.

Make a small hole 1/4" from the spine on both the front and back cover, being sure to center. See, this is why you don't get rid of your old tools (anywhere punch and hammer) when you get cool new ones (Crop A Dile) because you Just. Never. Know!

Take a length of ribbon, and thread it UNDER the spine. If you do it over the spine, you will NOT be able to attach your pages.

Place a strip of double stick tape along the edges of the front and black flap.

Now here's the part where I'm an idiot and forgot to take pictures!

Center the pages on the spine, holding them together so that they are all at a right angle to the table, pointing at the ceiling. Open up just the first, blank page, and lay it flat on the table. Now fold the flap OVER that blank page. This will hold it in place. Do the same thing for the back cover.

Close the cover, and punch small holes 1/4" from the edge, being sure to make them centered. thread the ends of the ribbon through.

I put a metal Making Memories frame with my title and date on the cover, but you could punch a window like in the last book I posted. It's totally up to you. Again, this book was made with scraps I had laying around and a single sheet of photo paper. It took maybe an hour to put it together. Honestly, laying out the photos and captions took longer!

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Blogger Zee said...

Wow, look at you miss thang! Not only is the book adorable but you took the time to post step by steps WITH pictures! Dude I get tired just reading your blog, I really don't know where all this energy comes from. Then again, your not a cripple like myself and that could have something to do with. Haha.

P.S. Do you have a hard time reaching over that belly? I'm guessing you have to sit pretty far back from the table...bwahahaha!

10:10 PM  

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