Thursday, August 21, 2008

This is how I roll

This picture is pretty damn crappy. That's what I get for being too lazy to take the plate to better lighting!

We had McDonald's for dinner the past two nights, due to laziness/major french fry craving issues. Tonight, I decided to make up for it a little with a slightly more labor intensive dinner. Oooh, I wanted some sushi!

I remember watching them make sushi on Two Hot Tamales on the Food Network a long time ago. I also recall thinking that only a crazy person would attempt crap like that in their home. Of course, this was before I ever even had sushi, back when I, like many in this country, thought that sushi equalled raw fish. Now I know it refers to the vinegared rice (literally, sushi means "it's sour") and almost ten years later, I'm the crazy one rolling maki in my home.

These are like California rolls, except that instead of going out and buying imitation crab, I just went ahead and cooked up some of the shrimp I had in the freezer already. It's insane how much food you can make with half a cucumber, an avocado, a dozen smallish shrimp, and some rice. There was a whole other big plate full of rolls not pictured here. 28 pieces total. I ate until I was stuffed silly, and my husband ate even more than I did! It was so good, and pretty healthy (especially compared to Mickey D's) to boot.

I also cooked up a little bit of tamago. That's a Japanese style rolled sweet omelet. Sounds weird, and at first, it is becuase it's so different than any egg dish we're used to here. But let me tell you, I looooove this stuff. It's so good. I even went out and bought the special miniature rectangular pan to make them properly. It was a great $7 investment, haha!

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Blogger The Empty Envelope said...

Mmmm that looks yummy!!!

1:20 AM  
Blogger Lily said...

ok, that's jsut impressive. Aren't you super pregnant?

11:11 AM  
Blogger Miss M! said...

Yup. But, as long as everything is cooked (which it was) sushi is okay.

2:03 PM  
Blogger TessaAnnWatte said...

Okay, finally coming out of the wood works to say....Girl, I so love reading your blog. Your posts are always so fun to read and I love your cakes, pages and cooking creations and reading about your sweet lil one on the way. All of it :)

I just finally had to come out and say Hi!

Have a great evening!
---Tessa Ann
PS: That sushi looks damn good!

3:22 PM  
Blogger ~~tonya~~ said...

Never had sushi before..may have to try it. Any recommendations for a 1st timer---I want everything fully cooked!! I,like you, thought it meant raw fish.

9:11 AM  

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