Saturday, August 16, 2008

A happy ending!

Guess what the Fed Ex guy dropped off this afternoon?

This is such a happy relief. I seriously had given up hope on getting this, I thought it was lost in the mail. It's late, but I know why it was late now and better late than never, right? Besides, it was SUCH cute stuff!

Cute little outfits, in different sizes for baby to grow into. My husband especially liked the little baseball footie pajamas.

All sorts of little goodies - linking rings, bottle scrubbers (we so hadn't bought any of those!), a teether, burp cloths (hadn't bought any of those either!), teeny froggie onesies, these really good smelling baby wipes, and our favorite thing in the box:

This blanket. It's sooooo soft and snuggly! It says "Rockstar" and has a bunch of different guitars embroidered on the front. I love it!

Miss Gidget decided she needed to get in on the action as well. She has to be a part of everything, as this is her house you know. She just lets us stay her and pay the bills.

I'm glad this is here and the whole swap drama is officially over. I'm still not going back to that site, because of the behavior of too many of the women there. There were some who I really genuinely loved, but since most of them are on my MySpace now, I can still keep up with them, so that's good!

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Blogger Lily said...

oooo, that's the smell of baby fever coming off this post. All those cute little tings almost (almost)make me want another.

4:30 PM  
Blogger tanyBUG said...

cute little outfits! and you blog looks great with the new background!

4:55 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Yeah - SO glad your box arrived. Super cute stuff!! :)

5:03 PM  
Blogger Susanne P. said...

that blanket is adorable!

6:18 PM  

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